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NAPNAP Committees

Each spring, we recruit members to serve on our committees for three-year terms, unless otherwise specified, beginning on July 1. Learn more about the committees and volunteer role below. If you’re looking for shorter term volunteer opportunities or different types of projects, consider our TeamPeds Volunteers.

You can see who is currently serving on national committees.

Getting Involved

  • Unless otherwise specified in the committee description, any NAPNAP member in good standing.
  • Appointment preference is given to members with knowledge/experience relevant to the committee’s purposes.
  • Members may only apply to and serve on one national committee at a time.
  • Committee member duties are determined and communicated by the chair based on the purpose and specific duties of the committee. (see specific committee descriptions to learn more)
  • Committee members are requested to attend all conference calls, complete all assigned tasks by the specified due date, and communicate with the chair, committee and staff liaison in a timely, professional manner.
  • All committee member appointments are for a three-year term, unless otherwise specified, with an option of reappointment for an additional three-year term.
  • Reappointments are based on the member’s involvement, contribution and ability to participate.
  • Our 2022 application season will be open April 27 – May 22 and application links will be available in the below committee descriptions. We promote recruitment through numerous digital communications each spring so be sure you’re opted in to receive information from NAPNAP. Applicants may only apply for one national committee. NAPNAP reserves the right to consider applicants for a different committee position based upon the expertise and experience of the applicant. 

Our Committees

The DEI Committee’s 2022 recruiting period has closed. Please check back in April 2023 for future opportunities. Please note: the DEI Committee seeks to maintain a balance of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences which reflect and represent NAPNAP’s pediatric-focused nurse practitioner community and their patients and families.

  • Purpose: To act as an advisory group to Executive Board with respect to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion aligning with the association’s DEI Statement.
  • Responsibilities: To provide guidance to the association in adopting strategies to integrate best practices into all aspects of its work for members, staff, and the Executive Board.

The Health Policy Committee’s 2022 recruiting period has closed. Please check back in April 2023 for future opportunities. 

  • Purpose: Oversee federal, state and grassroots government relations programs and efforts, including legislative, regulatory and advocacy efforts aimed at improving and gaining full practice authority and favorable reimbursement as determined by the strategic plan.
  • Responsibilities: The committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating and advising on the concerns of PNPs and other pediatric-focused APRNs in their respective settings; providing training and developing resources for members involved in advocacy at all levels; liaising with chapter and SIG leaders on child health and advanced practicing nursing issues and resources; evaluating proposed federal legislation and regulations for their implications on advanced practice nursing and child health; and advising the Executive Board on matters relating to policy, legislation and regulations affecting the profession.

The Professional Issues Committee’s 2022 recruiting period has closed. Please check back in April 2023 for future opportunities.

  • Purpose: Serve as a resource to Executive Board, Health Policy Committee, staff, and others on a broad array of issues outlined in the strategic plan, and review and provide recommendations upon request. Professional issues are broadly defined as: quality improvement and assurance; workplace collaborative agreements, malpractice and liability insurance, and other workforce issues; reimbursement, billing and documentation; continuing education requirements and recommendations.
  • Responsibilities: Responsibilities include serving as a resource of experts for the Executive Board and members regarding issues that include, but are not limited to, quality improvement and assurance, negotiation, collaborative agreements, documentation, billing, coding, reimbursement, malpractice insurance, liability and workforce; assist with the monitoring and review of professional issues that affect nurse practitioner practice; help identify educational needs related to professional issues; provide input to the Professional Issues Chair for recommendations to the Health Policy Committee and the Executive Board on issues needing association action; assist in the identification, development and evaluation of educational resources related to professional issues including, but not limited to, books, manuals and position statements; responsible for the review of NAPNAP brochures related to the professional practice and the review of practice innovation poster abstracts to be presented at the national conference.
  • NAPNAP is also specifically looking for members with experience and expertise in quality measures and improvement such as:​​
    • clinical specialty experts in a variety of practice areas who can speak to what quality care means in their area of clinical expertise
    • clinical expertise that includes a background in research and publication on quality and care delivery in their pediatric patient population
    • technical expertise in the development of quality measures and in evaluating aspects of a proposed quality measure and their potential impact on the nurse practitioner role

The Research Committee’s 2022 recruiting period has closed. Please check back in April 2023 for future opportunities.

  • Purpose: Review and provide direction for the Association’s research goals as determined by the strategic plan, and review and recommend an Association research agenda to the Executive Board.
  • Responsibilities: Provide guidance to the Executive Board as needed for ethical issues; mentoring potential future researchers; reviewing and sharing information about research grant programs; providing input into NAPNAP’s research agenda; reviewing and approving all external requests to access NAPNAP membership for research purposes; reviewing and scoring research poster abstracts to be presented at the national conference and serve as research poster judges at the national conference; identifies the potential for research topics and activities and the potential for organizational grant writing; works with staff as determined

The Conference Planning committee is not recruiting for 2022-2025 vacancies. Please note: the Conference Planning Committee seeks to maintain a balance of representation between primary, acute and specialty care that reflects the breakdown of the NAPNAP membership. 

  • Purpose: Coordinate development, delivery and evaluation of continuing education related to the national conference and specialty symposium
  • Responsibilities: Responsibilities include reviewing speaker applications and providing input into future conference speakers and topics.
  • Additional Information: All program committee members are requested to attend the NAPNAP national conference to assist onsite with welcoming and introducing speakers, greeting exhibitors and providing assistance to the Conference Planning Chair and staff.

The Continuing Education committee is not recruiting for 2022-2025 vacancies.

  • Purpose: Coordinate development, delivery and evaluation of all NAPNAP continuing education programs (except national conference) and accreditation of non-NAPNAP education programs.
  • Responsibilities: Responsibilities include reviewing CE applications and providing evaluation comments to the Continuing Education Chair, participating in pilot testing of online CE. Committee members are asked to review approximately three applications per month with a requested turnaround time of 30 days. May be requested to assist with review of conference abstracts. Experience in nursing continuing education is desired.

The Membership Committee will not be recruiting volunteers in 2022.

  • Purpose: Membership Committee is to faithfully represent the diverse interests of the NAPNAP membership.
  • Responsibilities: Participate in committee meetings (via videoconference or in person), with an estimated 6-10 meetings per year and as needed for special projects, dedicate the necessary time to sufficiently prepare for these meetings and provide follow-up and promote a collaborative environment for idea sharing and strategic thinking, both within the committee and with other NAPNAP committees as needed, serve as the membership advisory board to the associate director of member engagement and senior staff, partner with staff to develop actionable recommendations in response to member data analyses, provide consultation to staff on, and facilitation of, recruitment strategies for new NAPNAP members, collaborate with staff to create a strategic framework for the development, deployment and evaluation of NAPNAP retention campaigns and recommend member engagement strategies to the Executive Board and senior staff.
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