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Members of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are child health leaders with expertise in various health care topics. When looking for an expert opinion on health matters for infants, children, adolescents and young adults, please consider interviewing one or more of our members. Our members are experts in a wide variety of pediatric health care topics, including asthma, allergies, behavioral, developmental and mental health, immunizations, chronic conditions and special needs, nutrition and obesity, orthopedics and emergencies. We also have experts in advanced practice nursing education and workforce issues.

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Stakeholders Oppose CMS Rule Tiering Medicaid Coverage During PHE – Jan. 12, 2021, Inside Health Policy

Health Care Providers Can Help Identify Young People at Risk for Addiction – Dec. 11, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

Interest in nursing soars during coronavirus pandemic across Texas, may address all-time nursing shortage – Dec. 9, 2020, WFAA

What side effects can you expect from the COVID-19 vaccine? –  Dec. 4, 2020,

What to Know for National Influenza Vaccination – Dec. 2, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

People should know that COVID-19 vaccine might spur transient sickness: CDC experts – Nov. 24, 2020, Medical Xpress

What to Know Ahead of Antibiotic Awareness Week 2020 – Nov. 9, 2020, Contemporary Clinic. Dr. Teri Moser Woo serves on NAPNAP’s Executive Board.

Mind-Body Interventions Provide Treatment Options for Teens With Depression – Nov. 3, 2020, Clinical Advisor

Pediatric Opioid Use and Abuse in Acute Care – Oct. 2, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

The Growth of Telehealth for Health Care Professionals – Sept. 8, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

Nurse Practitioners and National Immunization Awareness Month – Aug. 31, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

The Most Important Part of Being a Nurse Practitioner – Aug. 6, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

Key Issues Surrounding Pediatric Nurse Practitioners – Aug. 3, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

Audio Clip: Vaccinations Drop as COVID Cases Rise – July 16, 2020, KYW Newsradio. Dr. Michelle Kelly is a NAPNAP member.

How Caring for Children with ADHD Has Changed, May Progress in the Future – June 23, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

Approaching Medication as a Treatment for Children and Teens with Anxiety – June 23, 2020, Pharmacy Times

The Realities of Clinical Primary Care Management for Children With ADHD – June 18, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

Dr. Jessica Peck: Nurses Are Respected, But Are We Listening to Them? – June 17, 2020, D Magazine

Jessica Peck: Give nurses a voice in health care policy – June 12, 2020, Waco Tribune-Herald

CDC Releases 2020 Immunization Update – June 11, 2020, Pharmacy Times

Combating COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories in the Exam Room – June 10, 2020, U.S. News and World Report. Dr. Jessica Peck serves as president-elect of NAPNAP.

Caring and Prescribing for Children With ADHD Who Have Other Comorbidities – June 9, 2020, Pharmacy Times

A New Normal for Influenza Illness – June 8, 2020, Pharmacy Times

Clinical Presentations and Management of COVID-19 in Pediatric Populations – June 5, 2020, Contemporary Clinic

Could you do this to yourself? Fears thousands of Brits have been wrongly told they are coronavirus-free because 60,000 DIY swabs a day don’t go deep enough into the nose – June 4, 2020, Daily Mail

Use of Watchful Waiting for Acute Otitis Media Lags Behind Recommendations – June 4, 2020, Clinical Advisor

Barriers Identified in Screening for Sexual Behaviors, Concerns By Pediatric Nurse Practitioners – June 4, 2020, Clinical Advisor

Combination Phototherapy Beneficial for Reducing Total Serum Bilirubin Levels in Infants – June 4, 2020, Clinical Advisor

How to Connect with Your Pediatric Patients – April 23, 2020, Locum Leaders

NAPNAP President Tackles Challenges Facing Pediatric Nurse Practitioners – March 5, 2020, Clinical Advisor

Sozo Pediatrics CEO Amy Provenzano took a risk to start her new business in Lancaster – Jan. 30, 2020, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette

The Trump Administration’s War on Public Health Comes for Science Informing EPA Policy Decisions – Nov. 11, 2019, New York Magazine

E.P.A. to Limit Science Used to Write Public Health Rules – Nov. 11, 2019, The New York Times

More than 50 organizations pressure Trump administration to follow through with vaping flavor ban – Oct. 29, 2019, CNN

Bill would give state more control over school vaccine exemptions – Oct. 23, 2019, MassLive

ACIP: Tdap Vax OK to Sub in for Td When Necessary – Oct. 23, 2019, MedPage Today

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