2022 Pulse of the Profession - NAPNAP

2022 Pulse of the Profession

Assessing the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Profession

Across America, more than 20,000 PNPs are working to improve health outcomes for young patients during their most critical years of development.

With specialized expertise and extraordinary compassion, PNPs contribute undeniable value to our nation’s health care system. So why do we as a country still struggle to maximize their capabilities? What are the obstacles 

hampering their potential? How can NAPNAP help them perform at the top of their educational training for the greatest impact? These are some of the important questions NAPNAP set out to answer in our first Pulse of the Profession survey and report.

In the fall of 2021, NAPNAP surveyed pediatric-focused APRNs who are either currently a NAPNAP member, used to be a NAPNAP member or have never been a NAPNAP member who provided valuable feedback and helped provide an accurate assessment of the profession and to discover issues requiring corrective action. We thank all those who participated.

You can view the findings of this report below. Additionally, you can also download the report in standard or spread format to read at your convenience.

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