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TeamPeds Talks

Listen to Our Podcast Series on Pediatric Health and Advanced Practice Nursing

TeamPeds Talks is a podcast series from the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) and features NAPNAP experts and stakeholders addressing key issues in pediatric health. The conversations are available wherever you listen to podcasts, search TeamPeds Talks on your app, on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts or on

We are delighted to introduce TeamPeds Talks eight series- Children in foster care. The hosts for this series are Dr. Brigit VanGraafeiland and Tracy Halasz the chair and co-chairs of the alliance for children in foster care.

The mission of the Alliance for Children in Foster Care is to nurture a sense of belonging, connection, and safety for children in foster care by 1) empowering all pediatric-focused advanced practice nurses to incorporate trauma-informed health care as an essential set of services provided to all children in foster care and 2) promoting equitable and optimal growth and development.

We are excited to present this special series about the unique role and impact that acute care PNPs have within a wide variety of settings called, TeamPeds Talks: The Acute Care PNP’s Impact. This special series is hosted by members of the Acute Care SIG leadership, Dr. Jeremy Jordan and Dr. Vanessa Kalis.


In this podcast series, focus on summer health and wellness, our host Dr. Andrea Kline-Tilford, NAPNAP’s Executive Board President, will explore different aspects of children and teen health through conversations with NAPNAP member experts and special interest group leaders. Join us for pediatric-focused conversations about dermatology, Lyme disease, disaster preparedness, injuries, immunizations and more as we discuss the importance of summer and outdoor wellness.

TeamPeds Talks – Focus on Child and Adolescent Mental Health showcases innovative thought leaders equipping care providers and families for effective responses to mental health concerns.

COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted daily life and social norms for children all over the world. Although children and teens have been largely spared the widespread effects of severe illness and death, pediatric mental health has been dramatically impacted. This seismic global pandemic shift has completely changed the public narrative as families seek information and resources for developmental, behavioral and mental health concerns.

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