Volunteers and Staff

NAPNAP benefits from the expertise and volunteerism of its members who serve many important roles in the association ranging from Executive Board leaders to committee volunteers to liaisons with key national organizations. If you are interested in serving in a national leadership role, learn more about our nominations and election process.

2018-2019 Executive Board
Back row: Cate Brennan (Executive Director), Mary Dirks, Anne Derouin, Tresa Zielinski, Cathy Woodward, Beth Bolick,
Dawn Garzon Maaks, Front row: Nancy Cavanuagh, Raji Koppolu, Teri Woo, Regena Spratling, Not pictured: Brenda Cassidy 

Volunteers are recruited each spring to serve on one of our committees. Committee members serve three-year terms beginning on July 1 with the possibility of being reappointed for an additional three-year term. Learn more about how you can join a committee.

One of our strategic plan goals is for our members to be recognized for their pediatric healthcare expertise and contributions to the health and well-being of children by policy makers, healthcare leaders, consumers and other stakeholders. We are pleased to have more than 40 member volunteers representing NAPNAP on national advisory panels, boards, taskforces and coalitions. Read about our activities with these national groups.

While our volunteers focus on strategic leadership, committee activities and external representation for the association, the national office staff is tasked with the daily operational activities.

We are truly grateful for the expertise and time these individuals invest in making NAPNAP a successful, growing association.