Tracey C. Gaslin PhD, CPNP, FNP-BC, CRNI

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As a new PNP, I became certified through NAPNAP and have enjoyed the resources and education ever since. NAPNAP and PNCB provide a comprehensive, organized structure that allows working PNPs to meet continuing education requirements as well as connect with other like-minded individuals.

What I have enjoyed most in my career is "opportunity" and the willingness to try to new things. Camp is a great example of this. About 18 years ago, I was asked by a fellow nurse to come to hemophilia camp and help care for children with bleeding disorders. I agreed to go and have not missed a year of camp since that time. Since then, I moved from attending occasional weeks of camp each summer to making that my full-time job as medical director of a special needs camp in 2008.  

Along with "opportunity" comes responsibility.  As a dual certified PNP and FNP, I find myself involved in a variety of service and learning opportunities.  I have volunteered for the TeamPeds initiative and hope to publish in the near future to help fulfill some of my responsibility in this service role.  

Those of us who have busy full schedules, appreciate NAPNAP. The organization, structure, and resources are some of the best. The organization demonstrates visionary leadership which builds a trust in members who become more invested in the goals and activities of the association. I recommend NAPNAP to all PNP friends who may be certified by another body.  
The Association of Camp Nurses (ACN) is a small thriving organization with a mission to provide quality health care services to children served at camp across the US and Canada. Currently, camps serve approximately 20 million children each summer and that number continues to grow each year.

When I speak with individuals about camp nursing, they consider the idea that camp nurses provide first aid, medication management, and health oversight. Rarely, do people understand the specialization of the role and the importance of extended training in this new environment.  I travel throughout the U.S. talking about camp health services and sharing the effectiveness in using a nurse practitioner to manage children's health in this unique environment.  I love camp nursing and hope that we (ACN) can continue to influence nurses to consider this specialty when choosing a health care career.