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Teen Proofing Your Home

Adolescence is an exciting time filled with growth, new experiences, increased independence, and self-discovery. Teens are generally healthy and the most common dangers to their health and safety are largely preventable! Injuries from a variety of sources (poisoning, drowning, motor vehicle accidents, fire), suicide and homicide are the leading causes of injury and death among teens. Risk-taking behaviors including unprotected sex and substance use can also negatively impact your teen’s health.

Our homes are considered safe spaces for our families, however potential hazards exist. Parents play an important role in keeping teens safe through education, limit setting and identifying potential dangers.  As parents, you took the time to baby proof and child proof your home. Now that your child is older, it is time again to identify and remove potential dangers.  Parents are also an important source of information for their teens so they may make informed decisions and to avoid unnecessary risks. Follow this room by room guide to identify common household hazards and suggestions for you to make your teen safer at home.



Developed in collaboration by the Adolescent Healthcare and Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Special Interest Groups' joint project committee members Alison Moriarty Daley, Meara Peterson and Siem Ia.

  • Download or print our two-page hand-out (PDF) with facts and tips for teen proofing your home.  High-res or low-res.
  • Display our poster (PDF) in your home or practice. High-res.
  • If you are unable to access these files, please email to have a copy emailed to you.