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Student Ambassadors

Help Build the NAPNAP Community

We believe our members’ personal recommendations and referrals are the best way to connect with PNP and FNP students to join the National Association of Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) community. With our Student Ambassador program, we want to reach every NP or DNP student who plans to work with kids. 

Student Ambassadors spread the word about NAPNAP and its member benefits through on campus events/fairs, local meet-ups, social media and other networking opportunities. We supply training, materials and ongoing support to assist Ambassadors in their recruitment campaigns. 

  • Must be a current NAPNAP student member in an accredited PNP or FNP program
  • Must have completed one semester of NP/DNP program
  • Must complete the online application which include a personal statement about why you want to be an Ambassador and what qualities or experiences make you the ideal candidate
  • A faculty member must verify your current enrollment in a PNP, FNP or DNP program*
  • Must possess excellent communication and organizational skills

*If you have been recruited by a NAPNAP staff person as a result of a faculty recommendation, you do not need additional faculty verification via the online form.

Please note: there can only be one Ambassador per NP/DNP program at each university. Acute and primary care are considered separate programs in this case. 

  • Plan and execute at least two events (student fairs, meet-ups, etc.) within an academic calendar year, including securing a venue, promoting the event and presenting about NAPNAP’s member benefits
  • Actively promote campus recruiting/networking events through personal social media engagement you find most helpful
  • Distribute electronic and paper membership materials to prospects throughout the academic year
  • Establish a relationship with local NAPNAP chapter and attend a chapter meeting to present the plan for membership recruitment activities for the year
  • Ongoing support communication with NAPNAP staff that include description of activities/efforts, what worked and didn’t work, number of new members recruited, follow up Q&A
  • Help identify and secure your Ambassador successor
  • Share and retweet NAPNAP messaging (conference, specialty symposia, certification review courses, student and provider resources, advocacy, etc.)
  • Free membership renewal after completion of your responsibilities
  • Interact with a member of NAPNAP’s leadership
  • Network with Student Ambassador peers in regular online video meetings 
  • Recognition on NAPNAP’s website and digital channels
  • Gain leadership experience in a supportive environment

We facilitate a Student Ambassador training to review expectations and suggestions, and we will provide you with materials including: 

  • A Student Ambassador toolkit on how to run a successful event
  • An informational PowerPoint on NAPNAP and its benefits for students that you can use for your presentations 
  • A quick-guide on promoting NAPNAP
  • Event materials like flyers and sign-in sheets

Staff also provides ongoing, tailored support depending on your situation and any questions or challenges that arise. 

Thank you to our 2021-2022 Student Ambassadors. 

  • Catrin Pedersen, Baylor University Primary Care
  • Melissa Heald, Baylor University Acute Care
  • Taylor Jendras, Columbia University
  • Radhika Patel Johns, Hopkins University
  • Jennifer Fleigelman, Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • Alison Lubelchek, Rush University
  • Brynley Miller, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Jenna Schuppener, University of Florida
  • Deanna Dicello, University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Nursing
  • Michelle Searcy, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Alexandria Tasket, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Heather Damiano, Villanova University

For more information or if you have questions, please contact

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