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Student Ambassadors

Help Build the NAPNAP Community

We believe our members’ personal recommendations and referrals are the best way to connect with PNP and FNP students to join the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) community of experts in pediatrics and advocates for children. When you become a Student Ambassador, you have the opportunity to provide your fellow students with a professional home focused on supporting members as they progress through their careers.

Student Ambassadors spread the word about NAPNAP and its student member benefits through on campus and virtual events, meet-ups, social media and other networking opportunities. We supply training, materials and ongoing support to assist Ambassadors in their recruitment campaigns. 


  • Current NAPNAP student member in an accredited PNP or FNP program
  • Completed at least one semester of an accredited NP/DNP program
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Experienced social media user


  • Complete the online application which includes a personal statement about why you want to be an Ambassador and what qualities or experiences make you the ideal candidate
  • A faculty member must respond to a NAPNAP request to verify your current enrollment in a PNP, FNP or DNP program
  • Confirm NP program status
  • Provide initial training and onboarding via Zoom and digital communications
    • toolkit on how to promote and run successful events
    • informational PowerPoint on NAPNAP and its benefits for students  
    • quick-guide on promoting NAPNAP
    • prospect tracking template
  • Provide digital student-related marketing materials
  • Respond to questions or concerns within 48 hours
  • Track ambassadors’ prospect lists to determine new joins
  • Provide code for free renewal to eligible ambassadors by May 31
  • Introduce ambassadors to chapter leaders and faculty members; facilitate networking
  • Plan and execute at least two in-person or virtual events (student fairs, student discussion group, class presentation, social meet-ups, etc.) between September and May, including securing a venue, if necessary, promoting the event and presenting about NAPNAP’s member benefits
  • Engage with program director, if necessary, to connect with fellow students or use school-sponsored communication systems
  • Actively promote recruiting/networking events through personal social media engagement to drive attendance
  • Share and retweet NAPNAP messaging, especially content of interest to students or soon to be grads
  • Distribute provided membership information/materials to prospects 
  • Regularly communicate with NAPNAP about activities and efforts, recommendations and/or questions
  • Free membership renewal based on outreach and recruiting outcomes – awarded by May 31
  • Opportunity to engage with a member of NAPNAP’s leadership
  • Gain leadership experience in a supportive environment
  • Recognition on NAPNAP’s website and digital channels

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Student Ambassadors. 

  • Catrin Pedersen, Baylor University, PNP-PC
  • Melissa Heald, Baylor University, PNP-AC
  • Adrianna Sapienza, Duke University, PNP-PC
  • Anna Eckhart, Johns Hopkins University, PNP-AC
  • Lauren Flettrich, Louisiana State University Health Science Center New Orleans, PNP-PC
  • Lauren Leusure, Medical University of South Carolina, FNP
  • Abby Frick, Medical University of South Carolina, PNP-PC
  • Alexandra Hughes, Old Dominion University, DNP
  • Rebekah Hershey, Thomas Jefferson University, PNP-PC
  • Julia Srivastava, University of California, Los Angeles, PNP-PC/AC
  • Lacy Smith, University of Alabama at Birmingham, PNP-AC
  • Heather Damiano, Villanova University, PNP-PC

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