Strategic Plan



NAPNAP is recognized as the global leader, trusted authority, and indispensable resource on comprehensive pediatric advanced practice nursing.


To empower pediatric-focused advanced practice registered nurses and key partners to optimize child and family health.

Core Values

  • Advocacy for children
  • Respect and accountability to our members and partners
  • Commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • Dedication to lifelong learning
  • Innovation in practice and research
  • Visionary leadership
  • Passion for our practice
  • Professional integrity

2020-2023 Strategic Plan Overview

Our strategic plan will guide our association's programs, service offerings, outreach and general operations over the next three years and build a foundation for growth in the pediatric-focused APRN community. The focus areas are shared below and you can read the full strategic plan.

Child Health and Wellness

Vision Statement: NAPNAP proactively identifies critical pediatric health issues in primary, acute, critical and subspecialty care and employs resources including continuing education, advocacy efforts, research and collaboration with key stakeholders to educate pediatric providers and disseminate best practices.

  • Pediatric Outcomes
  • Sociocultural Influencers of Health
  • Vulnerable Patient Populations
  • Access to Affordable Care

Membership Engagement

Vision Statement: NAPNAP builds diverse, inclusive, sustainable, innovative programs, which provide maximum benefit to members.

  • Diverse Membership
  • Continuing Education
  • Shared Community

Association Outreach

Vision Statement: NAPNAP leverages its collective voice, expertise and resources to influence caregivers, policymakers, payors and thought leaders as it furthers the national brand of pediatric-focused APRNs as providers of high-quality, evidence-based, patient and family-centered health care.

  • Child and Public Affairs Advocacy
  • Workforce Development
  • Affiliate Relationships

Operational Infrastructure & Sustainability

Vision Statement: NAPNAP builds capacity and invests in leadership, volunteer, staff, financial and technological resources to advance data-driven decisions that favorably impact the strategic mission and goals.

  • Diversified Revenue Sources
  • Maximize Resource Utilization
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Governance & Leadership