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Newborn SIG

Developed in November 2016, the purpose of the Newborn Special Interest Group (Newborn SIG) is to provide networking opportunities for all members of the NAPNAP organization who work with newborns from delivery to outpatient primary care.  This SIG will be vital in establishing specific standards, protocols, and guidelines to positively affect outcomes of newborns.

A newborn infant, or neonate, spans from birth to 28 days of life. During this time according to the World Health Organization, the child is at the highest risk of dying.  It is imperative this population is cared for by knowledgably trained professionals during this time, to foster the child’s foundation for a healthy life.   


  • Increase membership by 5% through recruitment.
  • Engage online SIG community with hot topic information/education quarterly.
  • Offer quarterly drawing to win a NB SIG membership based off participation in monthly education questions.
  • Participate in SIG Showcase at NAPNAP Conference.
  • Contribute to NAPNAP Foundation.

In January of each year, we will offer the Newborn SIG members an opportunity to win a free, one-year membership, to the Newborn SIG the following year.

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