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NAPNAP Immunization SIG

With more than 100 members, the National Association of Pediatric Nurses’ (NAPNAP) Immunization SIG provides its members with a forum to explore and discuss the current special issues of pediatric immunizations and represents NAPNAP at various national immunization meetings and consults with the Executive Board, national committees, members and national office regarding vaccine preventable diseases and immunization practices.

The Immunization Special Interest Group contributes to the field in the following ways:

  • Provide timely updates to SIG members containing interesting and current immunization information PNPs can use in practice.
  • Attend national meetings such as Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and Immunization Education and Action Committee of the Healthy Mother’s, Healthy Babies Coalition.
  • Educate community and peers on immunizations through multiple formats such as social media, local and national conferences, radio, news print.
  • Provide experts to serve on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and Meningitis b Action Project, Advisory Board for Vaccinate Your Family, state HPV Coalitions.
  • Development of position statements about immunizations during COVID pandemic.
  • Review draft vaccination bills for congress members.
  • Collaborates with the United Nations Foundation, Shot@Life campaign to advocate for vaccine access for children around the world. Provides experts to meet with legislators on Capitol Hill and in districts across the country to advocate for child health and the reduction of health disparities.
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  • Act as resource to SIG members and to general membership on latest news re: immunizations.
  • Report weekly influenza activity due influenza season or any other vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Engage more members in SIG activities, i.e. Immunization awareness days throughout the year, upcoming webinars. Highlight member accomplishments at National Conference or through discussion panels in NAPNAP.
  • Award scholarships for Immunization SIG members.
  • Provide access to members videos on talking points for immunization on how to present and answer questions about immunizations and landing page with multiple immunization resources.
  • Engage pediatric professionals and families in discussion of importance of routine vaccinations during COVID19 pandemic using platforms such as NAPNAP Facebook Live, ANA and its partners in COVID Facts For Nurses, conference presentations, webinars.
  • Educate on common myths associated with the COVID19 vaccine and how to respond to antivaxxers.
  • Work to increase membership and visibility with positive aspects of being part of the Immunization SIG group.
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