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Adolescent Health Care SIG

NAPNAP Adolescent Health Care SIG

Founded in 2011, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) Adolescent Health Care Special Interest Group (AHC SIG) endeavors to provide opportunities to increase awareness about adolescent health care and the NPs working in the field among NAPNAP members and stakeholders. The SIG invites all pediatric-focused advanced practice nurses specifically interested in adolescent health care across different settings to become members.

Adolescence spans the ages of 10-21, roughly half of childhood. Adolescents benefit from high-quality, developmentally appropriate health care and prevention strategies.


  • Continue offering of Poster Award for 2022 Conference.
  • Update Adolescent SIG landing page with educational resources.
  • Increase member engagement and online activity.
  • Develop a collaborative SIG project with other SIG groups or other adolescent organizations.
  • Sponsor & Develop Adolescent Health Speed Session at National Conference in Dallas, TX.
  • Host 1 hour webinar that aligns with sponsored monthly theme of AHC SIG Health Care Education Calendar.
  • Create a skills session/workshop or CE option in a topic of interest.
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