Special Interest Groups

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring you together with like-minded members to share ideas and resources on a particular child health topic. As a SIG member, you have the opportunity to communicate and work with other committed members to raise awareness and increase knowledge about important child health issues. You will also have the opportunity to enhance your leadership and presentation skills through active involvement in a SIG.

SIG members are experts and as such serve as critical resources for the NAPNAP Executive Board and our more than 9,000 members by developing position statements or provider/patient educational materials, serving on national agency taskforces, responding to media inquiries, acting as liaisons to peer organizations and so much more.

NAPNAP's current roster of SIGs includes:

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SIG Officer Resources Page

NAPNAP is pleased to offer our SIG officer resources page to assist with operational tasks and communication with the national office.   

Featured SIG The Children in Disaster SIG

The Children in Disasters SIG (CID SIG) was named the 2018 Outstanding SIG for their wonderful accomplishments which included collaborating with Acute Care SIG to create disaster-related handouts for NPs and families. They secured 3 disaster lectures for 2019 conference, they post bi-monthly newsletters on their CID community website and post in the NAPNAP Community to increase personal disaster preparedness as well as support NAPNAP Foundation on an annual basis.

The CID SIG also developed valuable disaster resources on their public landing page and conference handouts. They successfully published a revised position statement on APRNs and disasters as well as had expert disaster-focused lectures accepted at the National Conference in New Orleans. They are currently developing a pediatric disaster nursing textbook which will hopefully be available for the 2020 conference. Due to all their achievements, they increased their membership over the past year. These contributions are significant considering the small number of members in this small but mighty SIG!

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