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Special Interest Group Membership - A Valuable Asset

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President Mary Chesney, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN

Do you belong to one or more of NAPNAP’s 17 special interest groups (SIGs)?

SIG membership is a valuable extension of your NAPNAP membership. Special interest groups serve as a forum to share interests and ideas with like-minded APRNs and give you an environment to discuss challenges and goals in your common specialty. As a SIG member, you have collaborators in your area of focus with whom you can share ideas and gain new knowledge and skills. You can also join your fellow SIG members in contributing your expertise to NAPNAP in many ways such as developing position statements, creating education materials and contributing articles to Ready, Set, Grow.

Did you know?

  • NAPNAP’s national conference hosts approximately 10 sessions related to SIG topics each year.
  • SIGs also contribute topics to our professional educational offerings such as intensive workshops, PNPSourCE modules, webinars, resource tools and training opportunities.
  • SIG members provided more than half the articles in this year’s Ready, Set, Grow consumer publication.

Our SIGs focus on the wide variety of topics we encounter in our practices, such as injury prevention, breastfeeding education, childhood obesity, adolescent health, immunization and behavioral health. By joining one or more SIGs, at only $30 per SIG, you can become more active and engaged in your association and directly affect member education and NAPNAP’s position on important health topics. In addition, the knowledge and experience you gain will help you better your practice.

You can join SIGs at any time, not just when you first join NAPNAP or renew your membership. You can find more information on special interest groups including details on how to join here:

This Spring: Member Webinar on NAPNAP Online Community

While chapters connect on the local level, SIGs connect 24/7 through our members-only online community. Stay tuned in the coming month for a webinar recording, highlighting the ins and outs of the updated NAPNAP Community. The webinar will be available to all members. Current and future SIG members are highly encouraged to tune in. More information coming soon!

If you don’t belong to a special interest group already, I highly encourage you to join. You, the children you care for, and our association will all benefit.

Yours in health,

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