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Speaker Handouts

2023 Conference Speaker Handouts

2023 national conference handouts can be downloaded below by clicking on session title. 
For poster presentation handouts, click here

Wednesday, March 15
101: Opening Keynote (no handout)
102: Nothing Fun About Functional GI Conditions
103: The Right Drug for the Bug: Antibiotic Prescribing Update 2023
104: HEADed in the Right Direction: Advances in TBI Mitigation and Management
105: Urine Good Hands – Top 5 Nephrology Referrals for Primary Care
106: The 3 C’s for Reaching GenZ: Connect, Collaborate and Communicate for Positive Change
107: Current Issues in Scholarly Publication: Integrity, DEIB and Social Media
108: Adolescent Health: PCOS and the Importance of Early Detection, Diagnosis, Treatment and Interventions
109: Lethal Means Reduction: The What, Why and How of Means Reduction for the Pediatric-focused APRN
110: Application of an Antiracism Framework to Improve Pediatric-focused APRN Training and Patient Outcomes
111: Spilling the Beans on Pediatric Acute Kidney Injury, Its Prevention and Treatments
112: Breastfeeding Basics for the Pediatric Provider
113: Seizure or Not? A Case-based Approach to Evaluating Paroxysmal Events in Children
114: Gender Affirming Medical Care for Gender Non-Conforming Youth
115: Unique Disordered Eating Behaviors in Adolescents and Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: Screening in Primary Care Can Save Lives
116: Learning to Escape: Screening and Identification of Child Physical Abuse
117: The Process from Prospectus to Textbook: The Production of the 8th edition of Burn’s Pediatric Primary Care
118: Burnout in the Advanced Practice Provider and Strategies to Improve Symptoms
119: Is It HFNC or BiPap and When Do I Intubate?

Thursday, March 16
200: We Are Not Okay: The Crisis of Confidence Facing the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Profession 
201: Writing Your Story: Your CV Is Not Just for Job Interviews
202: Acute Care Clinical Roundup
203: Primary Care Clinical Roundup
204: 2023 Immunization Update 
205: Firearm Violence Panel
206: Research Podium: Advances in Pediatric Research
207: Preventing and Treating Viral Infections in Children and Adolescents
208: The Patient in Room 5: Am I Ready?
209: It’s All in the Technique! Optimizing Pediatric Telehealth Exams – With and Without Peripherals
210: Refractory Symptom Management: Palliative Care on Consult
211: Learning the Lingo: Fostering Excellent Care for Vulnerable Youth
212: Integrating Research and Evidence into Practice Through Mentorship
213: Pediatric Fever: New Updates for an Old Symptom
214: Intro to Health At Every Size® (HAES®) – Informed Well Care 
215: Expert to Novice: Making the Transition from Practice to Academia
216: Psychopharm Case Studies for Treating the Complicated Patient
217: Acute Care Case Studies #1
218: This One or That One: Pharmacology for the Complex Health Care Patient
219: Stranger Things – When It Is NOT the Usual Food Allergy
220: NAPNAP Research Committee Hands-On Workshop: Developing and Designing Posters – Taking Your Idea from Start to Finish
221: Practice Innovation Clinical Roundup

Friday, March 17
301: Lyme Disease
302: Pregnancy Options Counseling with Adolescents: A Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Approach
303: Acute Care Case Studies #2
305: Pediatric Sepsis: Using Evidence to Save Lives
306: Pick a Pill! Oral Contraceptive Pill Prescribing for Beginners
307: Combat Boots for Burnout: Mindfulness, Self Care and Self Efficacy in APRNs, their Team and their Students
307: Additional handouts
308: Violence Prevention: A Call to Action for Pediatric Health Care Providers
309: Evidence-Based Practice Myth Busters: Breaking Barriers to Implementing EBP in Your Practice
310: Early Career NPs: Harnessing your Professional Potential
311: Inclusive Excellence for the Pediatric-focused Nurse Practitioner
312: Managing the Acutely Aggressive Child
313: Youth Suicide Prevention – Part 1
314: Orthopedics for Primary Care: When to Treat and When to Refer
315: Vaccine Jeopardy ( no handout)
316: Childhood is for All Kids! Ensuring CYSHCN Live it to the Fullest
317: A Multi-modal Toolkit for the Management of Distressing Symptoms in Pediatrics: What to Do After Step Two-moderate Pain
318: Youth Suicide Prevention – Part 2
319: Case Studies in Pediatric Hypoglycemia
320: Not for the Faint of Heart! A Pediatric Cardiology Primer for Primary Care Nurse Practitioners
321: Workplace Violence: Equipping Pediatric-focused APRNs with Tools to Mitigate Risk
322: Promoting Relational Health During Health Supervision Visits

Saturday, March 18
Business meeting
401: Closing Keynote: Understanding the Lenses We Wear to Create Stronger Empathy and Connections
402: Functional and Integrative Medicine for Pediatric Mental Health Disorders
403: APRNs Influencing Health Policy: A Voice for Change
404: Am I Going to Die?: Utilizing a Trauma-informed Lens to Care for Children in the Acute Care Setting
405: The Burden of Children with Addicted Parents
406: Atopic Dermatitis: Treatment Strategies and a Patient Experience with Dupilumab Therapy
407: Adolescent Clinical Roundup 
408: Advocacy for Youth Aging Out of Foster Care 
408: Additional handout
409: How to Execute the Leadership Necessary to Become an Architect of Health Care
410: Kratom, Cannabis & Kids: Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction
411: Medically Indicated Infant Formula Supplementation: Educating and Supporting Mixed Feeding Families
412: Ready to Roam: Considerations for International Travel
413: Anticoagulation in the Cardiac Patient – Pearls for Inpatient and Outpatient Management


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