Shannan Stephenson, MSN, RN, CPNP

Member Since: 

How has NAPNAP enhanced you either personally or professionally?  

Being a part of the NAPNAP-LA board for 10 years, I have learned how to develop a strategic plan, how to be a leader, and how participate in board meetings.  Aside from that, I have met and become close with wonderful intelligent fellow NPs that have been supportive, encouraging, inspiring and fun.

How did the Tween Brochure come about? How did you decide to collaborate with the DBMH SIG to create the brochure?

The tween brochure is part of a community outreach project that started in 2009 when NAPNAP offered a KySS Chapter Challenge to create a model of educating the community about a mental health issue of your choice. Having a special interest in early adolescent mental health and a craving to be able to educate as many parents of tween-agers about signs of a mental health problem at one time as possible, I created a presentation for parents and teachers of middle-school children.  After hours of research and development, the presentation was reviewed and finally approved by the KySS Task Force and the NAPNAP-LA board.  Awarded a winner of the KySS Chapter Challenge, I was honored to display a poster about the presentation at the 2009 National NAPNAP Conference in Los Angeles.  We modified the presentation into a 1 hour, interactive talk and have given approximately 10 presentations so far at local middle schools.  The NAPNAP-LA board encouraged and supported me in my hopes to create an accompanying brochure and program that would be available to NAPNAP members across the nation.  With the help of Siem Ia, my Community Outreach Committee Co-Chair at the time, we abbreviated the presentation into the 1st draft brochure.

Never having created a brochure for national distribution, I looked to NAPNAP and my professional colleagues in the DBMH SIG, of which I am a member, for support and their professional advice.  National and Anne DeBatista seemed thrilled about the brochure and helped edit and finance printing.   The brochure was thus created and the SIG succeeded in translating the brochure into 3 other languages.  The accompanying presentation will be the next part of the package that will be available to NAPNAP members.

How did it feel winning 2017 DBMH’s outstanding member award?

Amazing.  I was shocked because I had been privately nominated and had no idea that I was going to receive the award.

When you’re not being a rockstar pediatric-focused APRN, what do you enjoy doing? 

I enjoy surfing, running, Cross-fit, yoga, walking my two retired racing greyhounds with my incredible fiancé and, come to find out, I have quite a knack for and enjoy home renovation!