Responding to "News"

On any given day, several NAPNAP staff and volunteers are monitoring what is happening in the media and in Washington in relation to our child health and advanced practice nursing priorities. If a story or event warrants a response, we draft organizational letters to national leaders, sign on to collaborative letters and/or send our members a call to action email soliciting their help with advocacy. If the event is more news focused than policy focused, we may decide to issue an official statement, press release or social media post citing our position and/or resources on the topic. In addition to basing our responses on NAPNAP's strategic goals and health policy agenda, we also consider the diverse nature of our member base when making any type of statement.

Our current presidential/administration/Congressional transition presents a unique challenge for our team. There has been confusing, sometimes conflicting information during this transition, and our leaders believe NAPNAP should not respond to speculation since a public response could add legitimacy to unconfirmed, possibly inaccurate reports. Rest assured, however, that we are carefully monitoring information disseminated to the public to determine if there was factual information on which we should act.

If you have any questions, please contact Michele Stickel via email at mstickel@napnap.org.