Previous Member Spotlights

Because books have meant so much to me, I want all children to have the amazing experience of being taken to new places by just opening a book.

Receiving the Henry K. Silver Memorial Award was a memorable experience. This was truly one of the highlights of my career…. 

I first became interested in NAPNAP as a new graduate

Teresa is a founding member of one of NAPNAP's newest special interest groups dedicated to newborn care.

My first-hand experiences with the devastation of vaccine-preventable diseases deeply influenced my career, a career that has since been dedicated to improving immunization rates.

Patricia (Patsy) Stinchfield, MS, RN, CPNP, CIC is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Infectious Disease who specializes in vaccine preventable diseases and infection prevention and control.

My experience here has been priceless. I am thankful for my access to peers, and their knowledge has helped me become a better clinician.

As we celebrate NAPNAP's 45th anniversary, we'd also like to celebrate Linda Gilman. Linda has been an active member of NAPNAP since 1986. Thank you Linda, for being a member.

A call for help was issued and I responded along with many of my colleagues because we all wanted to help.

After finishing school as an FNP and focusing on pediatrics, I was looking for something that would better meet my pediatric education needs.

In order to protect our profession, we must work together and with our APRN colleagues to make sure our role in health care is visible.

Daniel is a Connect & Recruit Campaign top recruiter and the 2015 winner of a free membership.


NPs are becoming a greater portion of providers and it is critical we are involved with policy development and lend our expertise to agencies.

Executive Director, Association of Camp Nurses (ACN)

Jo Ann has been a member of NAPNAP since 1985 and is the prime example of how you can manage your professional association volunteerism while maintaining a busy clinical schedule.

Nursing was a second degree for me. I was a mature student when I went back to graduate school.

Patricia Savage, MSN, CPNP recently celebrated 40 years as a pediatric nurse practitioner and has spent all of those years caring for children in Oregon. 

Thoughts on precepting, mentoring, research and leadership, from NAPNAP Loretta C. Ford Distinguished Fellow Award recipient, Linda Lindeke.

Kimberly Erlich serves as the co-chair for the Developmental Behavioral and Mental Health SIG and member of the Conference Planning committee.

I knew I wanted to become a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) at the age of 16... 

In working with schools, the main challenge PNPs like myself face is the lunch program. 

Julee is an advocate for high quality graduate nursing education and faculty scholarship.

Networking with others is a big part of what SIGs can offer!

In addition to my time as Chair, I’ve been a member of the Global Health Care SIG for over a decade. 

It’s said that only 1 in 10 children who have autism are being diagnosed before the 1st grade, yet the CDC states...

My vocation has been emergency medical services. Going on 40 years as an EMT...

Samantha Russomagno is an Practice Innovation poster presenter at NAPNAP's 39th National Conference in Chicago. 

NAPNAP's first president, Janet, has been an active member of NAPNAP since inception. Thank you, Janet, for being an exemplary member and NAPNAP leader.

Thoughts on child health advocacy and leadership, from NAPNAP Shuren Grassroots Advocacy Award recipient, Lacey Eden, MS, NP-C.

Shannan is the recipient of the 2017 DBMH’s outstanding member award.