Pediatric Orthopedic SIG


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Developed in 2008, the Pediatric Orthopedic Special Interest Group (PO SIG) was established for nurse practitioners to gain knowledge regarding pediatric orthopedic care and for sharing ideas among nurse practitioners that subspecialize in pediatric orthopedics. Members of this SIG will network and share information with nurse practitioners from a variety of specialties and settings to provide improved care of patients with orthopedic issues. The realm of pediatric orthopedic issues is quite broad. Issues can range from common injuries that may be encountered frequently in primary care practice, to sports or overuse syndromes, to congenital issues, to genetic syndromes, to spinal conditions and even serious systemic illnesses.



What to Expect When Kids Return to Sports slideshow with resources discussed during the Pediatric Orthopedic SIG's May 27, 2020 Facebook live session.

Please visit the Journal of Pediatric Health Care to search for articles on pediatric orthopedics.

SIG Officers: 

Co-Chair - Carrie T. Chan, CPNP
Chair - raymond W. kleposki, RN, MSN, CPNP
Secretary - Mrs. Colleen M. Story, MSN, FNP-C