Pediatric Emergency Care


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We are excited to announce the formation of the Pediatric Emergency Care Special Interest Group (PEC SIG). The purpose of this SIG is to provide its members with a national forum to explore and discuss current issues and unique challenges faced by nurse practitioners working in pediatric emergency departments and urgent care centers across the country.  The PEC SIG will establish a cohesive environment to identify common goals and ultimately create solutions for our evolving education, practice, and legislative responsibilities. 

Pediatric Emergency Care is a specialty that is drawing on an increasing number of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs) to deliver high quality, efficient, and effective care.  Across the nation, it has been demonstrated that PNPs are vital team members in both emergency departments and urgent care centers.  The Pediatric Emergency Care SIG (PEC SIG) provides an opportunity to share our expertise and explore current and future issues from a national perspective. 

SIG Officers: 

Chair - Nicole M. Koepke, MSN, CPNP
Co-Chair - Hilary W. Baxter, CRNP