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NAPNAP Posters on the Move! provides an opportunity for pediatric-focused advanced practice registered nurses to present their research or innovations in practice. We are looking for abstracts with strong clinical applicability, evidence-based practice implications, innovative role development/practice models and topics with a future oriented perspective. Abstracts must be no more than 500 words for each category and IRB name and status must be disclosed for all research proposal submissions. Students are encouraged to submit!

Clinical Research: Podium and Poster Presentations

This category allows for podium and poster presentations to showcase completed pediatric healthcare related nursing research.  All research study proposals must have IRB approval and does not include evidence-based practice projects.  Priority is given to research studies that correspond to NAPNAP’s 2021-2026 Research Agenda. Only individuals with completed research submissions may be eligible for our six national conference research podium presentations, which are determined by NAPNAP’s Research Committee. Other studies in progress may be assigned to a poster presentation.

Research abstracts should include these components:

  1. Purpose for research study
  2. Background and significance/conceptual or theoretical framework
  3. Problem statement, objectives, research question or hypotheses
  4. Methods (including design, sampling, inclusion criteria, power analysis, recruitment, information on measurement instruments, sample, IRB approval status, data analysis)
  5. Results: sample, outcome findings
  6. Discussion/conclusion (conclusions based on data and have scientific merit, future research, and clinical implications)

Note: Projects that have not been reviewed by an IRB will not be accepted.

Applications are closed. Check back in Summer 2022 for the next call for poster abstracts!

Research Process Poster Presentation

This call for posters is to share the process of ongoing research studies or unique and novel methodologic approaches and protocols in research studies. There is an expectation that results of the study are not present. See NAPNAP Clinical Research Study Poster application if there are results. All research in process proposals must have IRB approval and do not include evidence-based practice projects. Priority is given to research topics that correspond to NAPNAP’s 2021-2026 Research Agenda. Please note that this poster category is NOT eligible for our national conference research podium presentations.

Research Process abstracts should include:

  1. Goals and objectives of the study
  2. Background/Theoretical Framework – what is known about the topic
  3. Provide a convincing argument for the uniqueness, novelty and significance of the project in the field of pediatric nursing. The novelty of the project can be seen in the following areas:
    • Approach, research question, methods
    • Design
    • Recruitment strategy
    • Data collection
    • Methods of analysis 
  4. Clear description of the methods used to carry out the research project and appropriateness for meeting the stated goal.
  5. Describe the novelty/uniqueness clearly. Discuss the success/usability/feasibility of the unique approach:
    • Lessons learned to date and shared, future directions/next steps
    • Clear implications/potential outcomes for the method/protocol
    • Strengths
    • Limitations

Note: Projects that have not been reviewed by an IRB will not be accepted.

Applications are closed. Check back in Summer 2022 for the next call for poster abstracts!

Practice Innovation Poster Presentation

This category allows for a variety of posters that provide a review of the evidence, describe the successful implementation of creative ideas, innovative practice solutions, creative management of a specific patient population, pioneering role presentations, case studies, ground-breaking programs or teaching strategies, unique approaches to management of a specific patient problem, preliminary data collection for a project, etc. This category also includes quality improvement projects and evidence-based projects, which include review and appraisals of research evidence and descriptions of original programs that have been implemented and evaluated. Integrative literature reviews are also included in this category.

Practice Innovation abstracts should include:

Details about the project, case, preliminary work, quality improvement process, role, target population, measurable outcomes, etc., addressing the following areas as appropriate:

  1. Background
  2. Aims of service change
  3. Details of innovation
  4. Outcome
  5. Discussion of effects/implications, demonstration of improvement, evaluation of change, lessons learned/tips for practice, case study or a model that can be adapted or replicated by other organizations or care providers

Applications are closed. Check back in Summer 2022 for the next call for poster abstracts!

Application Review Process

The online application will request the following items:

  1. Proposal type: Research Study, Research in Process or Practice Innovation
  2. Abstract Title
  3. Poster Abstract (maximum 500 words)
  4. One open-ended discussion question
  5. Details of funding or support received
  6. Author information – include names, affiliated institutions, degrees, certifications and licensure for all authors
  7. Author Disclosures and Releases (for all authors)
  8. IRB name and status (Research proposals only)
  9. NAPNAP Research Agenda priority (Research proposals only)

Research applications are sent to members of the Research Committee for blinded review and evaluation in October with selection completed by the end of October. Practice Innovation applications are sent to members of the Conference Planning, Continuing Education and Professional Issues Committees for blinded review and evaluation in October with Selection by November 1. All selected individuals will be contacted via e-mail.

Individuals selected to present as a poster or podium presenter will receive a special, discounted registration fee, for the primary author only. This rate is non-transferable (it can be used ONLY by the primary presenter) and can be used for full conference registration only.  In the case where the primary author cannot attend, the co-author may attend as the primary presenter. There is no additional compensation/reimbursement. It is the responsibility of the primary presenter of the accepted abstract to pay all expenses related to the organization and presentation of the poster (including shipment to and from the conference). NAPNAP does not provide travel allowance or lodging for poster or podium presentations.

All posters are acknowledged in our conference program books with only the primary presenter listed. Posters are also evaluated and scored, for the following award opportunities:

Research Poster Award: NAPNAP will recognize one research poster for excellence. Research posters are judged and scored on Background, Methods, Results/Discussion (except for Methodology posters), Visual Display and if applicable to the NAPNAP 2021- 2026 Research Agenda Priorities. The winning Research Poster will be selected by the Research Committee Chair after judging from reviewers.

Practice Innovations Poster Award: NAPNAP will recognize one practice innovation poster for excellence. Practice Innovation posters are judged and scored on Relevancy, Originality, Value and its Visual Display. The winning Practice Innovations Poster will be selected by the Conference Planning Chair after judging from reviewers.

Adolescent Health Care SIG Poster Award:
NAPNAPs Adolescent Health Care SIG will recognize an outstanding practice innovation poster that demonstrates adolescent content, is easily translatable to current adolescent health care topics, and advances overall knowledge regarding adolescent health. Winning presenter will receive $100.

The abstracts for the winning Research and Practice Innovation posters are submitted to the Journal of Pediatric Healthcare for publishing.

These abstracts and related posters depict the outcomes of research that has been sponsored by an industry. These posters are excluded from the competitive judging process, separated from our regular Research and Practice Innovation Posters and are not applicable for CE. Find out more on submitting an industry-sponsored related poster abstract or contact 

If you have any questions regarding the Research or Practice Innovation poster submission process, please contact Simone Daley at or 917-746-8295.

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