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Taking Valproate During Pregnancy May Exact Intellectual Toll On Offspring, Research Suggests.
HealthDay (3/26) reports that taking the medication valproate during pregnancy “may take an intellectual toll on offspring,” researchers concluded after tracking “math, language and science test scores for 440 Welsh children, aged seven years, whose moth...
Popularity Of Juul Rising Among High School Students.
Kaiser Health News (3/26, Ibarra) reports the popular Juul electronic cigarette “that’s a sensation among teens, especially in wealthier neighborhoods,” is also a “nightmare for school administrators and public health advocates.” KHN reports that because...
Blood Lead Levels In Flint’s Young Children Reached Historic Low In 2016, Study Suggests.
The Detroit Free Press (3/26, Shamus) reports researchers found that “blood lead levels in Flint’s young children hit an all-time low in 2016, according to” a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics. The researchers found that “the percentage of kid...