NAPNAP Chapter Continuing Education (CE) Grant Application


We are pleased to share that the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners received a medical education grant from Abbott Nutrition to be used to support our local chapter continuing education programs that focus on newborn nutrition in 2019. Please consider applying for an education grant to support a continuing education (CE) chapter meeting or event focused on one of the below areas of interest. The supported chapter meeting or event must take place between March 1 and Dec. 1, 2019 and must offer NAPNAP CE contact hours.  

Chapters should submit an educational grant application that focuses on any of the below pediatric areas of interest:

Full-Term Newborn Nutrition

  • Emerging science in infant nutrition related to immunity and Human Mild Oligosaccharides (HMOs)
  • Feeding Intolerance
    • Etiology (food allergy, cow’s milk protein allergy, protein sensitivity, condition specific (e.g. NAS)
    • Management strategies (Feeding Strategies, breastfeeding, donor milk, feeding cues, protocols and feeding devices)

Preterm Newborn Nutrition

  • Human milk fortification and human milk composition
    • Tailored solutions for meeting preterm infants’ protein needs
  • Nutrition of the premature/late preterm infant (in hospital and post-discharge)
  • Pediatric Malnutrition and at risk for malnutrition

Application Process:

  • Chapters must submit a proposed agenda, budget, learning objectives and a description of infant nutrition learning need as part of their application. Applications will be judged on clarity and quality of topic and learning objectives. Applicants from rural and low-resource areas are encouraged to apply. 
  • If the chapter does not have a local expert to speak, NAPNAP can assist you with identifying an expert on your selected topic. 
  • The chapter is responsible for developing and executing the following: 
    • Identifying the topic, learning objectives and outline of the program
    • Coordinating and executing the CE event
    • Marketing the CE event
    • Compiling and submitting a report and reconciliation of funds to NAPNAP no more than 30 days after the event 
  • The program must offer NAPNAP continuing education (CE) contact hours. If the chapter is not a NAPNAP chapter provider, the chapter will be required to submit a CE application to NAPNAP for approval.   

Budget Guidelines and Restrictions:
The proposed budget must be submitted using the NAPNAP Budget Template. Please include all costs directly related to the event. Funds should be used to directly offset the educational event or conference and may be used for speaker costs (honoraria, travel/lodging), materials, meeting space, audio visual and food/beverage for meals surrounding presentation.

Grant funds cannot be used to:

  • Fund social activities outside of the educational event
  • Raise general funds for the chapter
  • Offset expenditures for meetings that have already taken place
  • Promotional items/give-aways

Grant funds are limited in the following areas: 

  • Maximum speaker honoraria = $1,000/speaker
  • Maximum travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation, etc.) = $700/speaker
  • Food and beverage cannot exceed $125 per attendee, per day
  • Space rental cannot exceed $250 per day
  • Audio visual cannot exceed $250 per day
  • Marketing and distribution cannot exceed $5 per attendee

Selection Process:
Should grant requests surpass the total amount of funds available; grantees will be chosen on the basis of the program’s potential impact on nutrition and child health.
If selected to receive an educational grant, grantees must acknowledge Abbott Nutrition on conference signage, brochures and other meeting materials. The following language is suggested: “This event is made possible by a NAPNAP educational grant supported by Abbott Nutrition.” Chapter grantees must also submit a report within 30 days following the event, which explains the way the grant was used. The report should include the following:

  • Chapter name
  • CE event name and date
  • Nutrition topic(s) covered
  • Final learning objectives
  • Final program agenda
  • Amount awarded
  • Direct program expenses (using the budget template provided by NAPNAP)
  • Description of how the funds were used 
  • CE evaluation/Outcomes data
  • Number of attendees 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, Feb. 28. Complete your application today!  

If you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact Heather Keesing, Senior Manager of Professional Development & Nursing Practice at or (917) 565-4660 or Laura Nelsen, Senior Education Manager at or (917) 565-4661.