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Chapter Resources Page

As you begin your journey as a NAPNAP chapter officer, we hope the guidelines will assist in your term as a volunteer.  The chapter guideline is an extremely informative document, so please be sure to download and/or print and keep as a resource during your entire term in office. Any information you want added to this guideline, please email Daniela Weitzman at with your suggestions.

CH-8 & CH-9 Report to be filled out by Chapter Treasurer (Due February 28)
  • CH-8:Authorization for your chapter to be included under NAPNAP’s 501(c)(6) IRS tax status and to allow NAPNAP to file a 990N on behalf of your chapter if applicable.
  • CH-9: Annual reporting of revenue/expenses in the fiscal year. ​
CH-10 CH-12 Report to be filled out by Outgoing Chapter President (Due June 1)
  • CH-10: NAPNAP Chapter Officers List Form
  • CH-12: NAPNAP Chapter Activities Form
Conflict of Interest Form to be filled out by ALL chapter officers (Due June 1) Note: Failure to have Annual Reports in the National Office by the date due will result in your Chapter being ineligible for Chapter Awards and possible action by the NAPNAP Executive Board.

Chapter Challenge:

Goal: Each chapter is challenged to increase its membership by 20% in the fiscal year.

Incentive: Two chapters that yield the highest increase in membership (20% or more) will receive $500 each in funds to support future Chapter meeting expenses (i.e., food, beverage (non-alcoholic), audio visual, room rental fee).

These awards recognize chapters with the largest percent increase in NAPNAP membership. Winners are determined based on chapter annual reports and are confirmed by the Chapters’ Chair and national office staff.

Outstanding Large and Small Chapter Awards

These awards are presented to one large chapter and one small chapter for accomplishments made the previous year (pending funding).  Winners are determined by a ballot annually.

We welcome any feedback that you might have that can better serve you and your chapter. Please do not hesitate to contact Daniela Weitzman at with any additional information that you would like seen on this page. We hope that our new Chapter Officers’ guide will serve as a valuable resource for your needs!

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