Meet Your National Office Staff

James H. Wendorf has more than three decades’ experience leading high-impact nonprofit organizations. He has worked extensively with boards, funders, teams and consultants to build programs, partnerships and financial resources to meet ambitious goals. Jim currently serves as Interim Executive Director of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP). For 17 years, Jim led the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), where he directed NCLD’s strategic initiatives to empower parents and young adults, transform schools and advocate for equal rights and opportunities. In May of 2016, the NCLD Board of Directors named him Executive Director Emeritus in honor of his contributions to the organization and field.

He currently serves as Vice President of the board of directors of the Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA). Previously, he served as Vice Chair of the Congressionally authorized Advisory Commission on Accessible Instructional Materials in Postsecondary Education for Students with Disabilities, as a member of the Director’s Council of Public Representatives at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as a member of the NIH Chimpanzee Research Usage Panel and as an advisor to other nonprofits. Jim earned degrees in English Literature from Yale College (B.A. cum laude), University of Cambridge (M.A., Honours B.A.) and Cornell University (M.A. all but dissertation).

Executive Office

Interim Executive Director: James Wendorf, jwendorf@napnap.org, 917-746-8270

Executive Office and Special Projects Specialist: Eileen Arnold-Ley, earnold@napnap.org, 917-746-8272

Education & Practice

Director of Education: Laura Nelsen, lnelsen@napnap.org, 917-746-8292

Sr. Manager of Professional Development and Nursing Practice: Heather Keesing, hkeesing@napnap.org, 917-746-8291

Meeting and Logistics Supervisor: Anna Chernis, achernis@napnap.org, 917-746-8294

Education Program Coordinator: Ady Germanguz, agermanguz@napnap.org, 917-746-8296

Program Specialist: Simone Daley, sdaley@napnap.org, 917-746-8295

Education Specialist: Alexandra Rojas, arojas@napnap.org, 917-746-8293

Finance & Administration

Director of Finance & Administration: Linda Young, lyoung@napnap.org, 917-746-8275

Senior Accountant: Mary Wagner, mwagner@napnap.org, 917-746-8277

Health Policy

Director of Marketing and Strategic Projects: Michele Stickel, mstickel@napnap.org, 917-746-8273

Marketing & Communications

Director of Marketing and Strategic Projects: Michele Stickel, mstickel@napnap.org, 917-746-8273

Communications and Digital Marketing Supervisor: Justin T. Worsley​, jworsley​@napnap.org,

Communications and Marketing Coordinator: Melissa Bowden, mbowden@napnap.org, 917-746-8292

Member Services

Chapter Services Manager: Daniela Weitzman, dweitzman@napnap.org, 917-746-8281

Member Services Specialist: Bernard Chan, bchan@napnap.org, 917-746-8283