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North Carolina

You currently volunteer on NAPNAP’s Continuing Education committee, spoke at the 38th National Conference in Denver and advocate for high-quality graduate nursing education and faculty scholarship. What motivates you to serve your professional association?

I am motivated to serve my professional association because my profession serves me.  Without our professional associations, we would not have a strong voice we use to impact health and education.  I try to volunteer in areas where my strengths can be used.

How do you manage your professional association volunteerism while maintaining a busy schedule?

It is all just part of what I believe is part of being a professional.  Also, at this point in my career I really want to give back to the profession and other NPs.  I am involved in mentoring junior faculty in scholarship and am a "coach" in the Duke Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership program as well.

In your opinion, which new trends are the most impactful in today’s pediatric health care world?

I believe there are two trends that are going to be important to pediatric health in the future.  The first is the concept of intraprofessional team care.  I believe this will be the hallmark of best practices to come.  The second is nurse practitioners as leaders of these teams.  Nurses with doctoral degrees are learning to be leaders and work with a variety of stakeholders in practice and these skills will serve children and the healthcare systems that care for them well as we move forward.

How can NAPNAP members not only prepare for these trends but also serve as health care leaders in light of them?

Members can educate themselves, formally and informally on being leaders and good team members.

When you’re not being a rockstar pediatric-focused APRN, what do you enjoy doing?

Professionally, I enjoy doing research, writing and consulting with DNP programs on improving their outcomes.  Outside of that, I enjoy any physical activity my body still allows me to do; spending time with my family and especially my granddaughter, Penny.