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It's NAPNAP Election Time!

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President Cathy Haut, DNP, CPNP-AC, CPNP-PC, CCRN

I am very excited for the opening of NAPNAP national elections! You will have the opportunity to vote for your elected leaders March 1-31. The NAPNAP Executive Board is composed of the president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary and treasurer. Additionally, there are three, and as of July 1, there will be six members-at-large who help make decisions for the organization and perform different tasks based on the needs of NAPNAP committees and current projects. Nominations committee members, who are also elected, work with the immediate past president to recruit and review applicants for board positions. All board members are elected officers and your important role is to VOTE and help decide who will best represent NAPNAP!

Voting is a membership privilege and your chance to participate in determining the leadership of your organization! Typically only 10 – 15% of NAPNAP members vote each year. Let’s change that statistic! We have 14 highly qualified candidates this year. I encourage you to read about them on the NAPNAP candidate website. If you are attending the conference, you will also have opportunities to meet this year’s candidates face to face. By March 1, you will receive an email or letter from our independent election company with your unique voting credentials. When you receive your credentials, please take five – 10 minutes to vote!

Running as a candidate for any national board is a commitment, and for those elected, like members of NAPNAP’s Executive Board, there is an ongoing responsibility to faithfully and strategically lead the group represented. The NAPNAP board steers the association toward a solid, ethical and financially stable future. Board members of any organization are the advocates for the mission and work of the group.

The Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, includes the recommendation to expand the opportunities for nurses to “lead and diffuse collaborative improvement efforts for health care.” This recommendation has interest in giving more nurses pivotal roles on boards and commissions of health and health-related institutions. In November 2014, nurse leaders gathered for the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action 2014 Summit, which implemented a goal to put 10,000 nurses on boards by 2020. This month, NAPNAP board members agreed to join this group, the Nurses on Boards Coalition. The theme of leadership was on last year’s national conference agenda and continues to be a strong interest for our board and membership. We count on you to help NAPNAP and the nursing community reach this important goal!

Currently, NAPNAP members are on the boards of many different nursing and advanced practice organizations, faculty groups, hospitals and other health institutions. We applaud their work and would love to see more of you involved as this initiative is launched. We are curious to know if you currently serve on a board of directors, or if you want to know more about this important role! Look for more information on our website as we become involved in this brand new coalition and don’t forget to VOTE!!

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