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It's NAPNAP Election Season!

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President Mary Chesney, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN

It’s time to get out the vote and raise your voice! NAPNAP’s national election kicks off March 2. By now you should have all received an email from Immediate Past President Mikki Meadows-Oliver introducing election season and providing details on your voting credentials.

This is an election year of exciting changes and forward progress for our organization for two key reasons.

  • NAPNAP is transitioning to a more inclusive organization by giving student members the right to vote. Students, you are the future leaders of our organization. I encourage you to vote and help elect NAPNAP’s decision makers.
  • NAPNAP members are now able to cast their ballots for up to three of seven candidates for our new member-at-large positions. NAPNAP’s Executive Board is transitioning from a combination of appointed and elected members to a board where all positions are elected by you. The member-at-large position is very important to NAPNAP’s strategic goals. Along with helping to determine NAPNAP’s policies and support the organization’s mission, members-at-large will actively serve as liaisons to the committees, chapters and SIGs. Three members-at-large will be elected to start the board transition process.

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the nurse practitioner movement. In 1965, the first nurse practitioners overcame challenges to pave the way for the work we do today. NAPNAP was the first professional society for nurse practitioners in the U.S. Because of the ingenuity and dedication of our early leaders, we have forged a great history of conference and continuing education, practice resources and advocacy on issues important to you and the families you care for. Today, we are more than 8,000 members strong. The leaders we elect this year will take your collective voices and collaborate with our fellow healthcare organizations on legislative and regulatory changes at the federal and state levels. Your leaders will listen to your concerns and suggestions to build on NAPNAP’s current successes and create meaningful new benefits that provide added member value and professional development.

NAPNAP is the strong, thriving organization it is today because of the dedication and work of our early pioneer leaders. We will continue to thrive because of you and the leaders you elect this year. Be an instrumental part of this exciting transition in NAPNAP’s history – Vote!

Yours in health,

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I encourage everyone to vote for board members including your new members at large!  Today is the last day to make your choices!!