Honoring Pediatric Health Leaders

It is our pleasure to honor our pediatric nurse practitioner members during National Pediatric Nurse Practitioner week, March 14-19. While our membership has diversified to include other pediatric-focused advanced practice registered nurses in recent years, we truly value the important role our PNP members play in our professional association. In 1973, it was four PNPs who worked together to establish our association, the first nurse practitioner society in the U.S. Today, we have more than 8,400 members focused on enhancing child and family health through leadership, advocacy, professional practice, education and research.

For more than 40 years, PNPs have played a key role in providing high-quality, evidence-based health care across the nation in primary, acute and specialty care settings, often delivering care to vulnerable, underserved populations. They have been at the forefront of child and adolescent mental health promotion, screening and early evidence-based interventions. The school-based healthcare movement has its roots in PNP leadership. Our PNP members have conducted and published important research on childhood asthma and related treatments. PNPs are instrumental in educating parents and guardians about vaccines and the need for every child to receive his or her full immunizations at the appropriate age levels.

Children and their families have benefited from the advocacy efforts of our PNPs since the 1970s. Our members have been leading voices in the effort to enact and implement the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), perhaps one of the most significant public health programs instituted in the last half century. PNPs have also had integral roles in important child health legislation related to return to play rules, tanning bed restrictions, substance abuse prevention and other child health issues at the state level.

Each day, we applaud our members’ contributions to our profession and the dedication they show their patients, but it very nice to especially celebrate them during National Pediatric Nurse Practitioner week.

Thank you for being a pediatric nurse practitioner and a member of NAPNAP. Read more about PNP Week at conference.