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Henry K. Silver and Loretta C. Ford Award Winners

To honor the legacy of pediatric health care pioneers Dr. Henry K. Silver and Dr. Loretta C. Ford, each year the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) recognizes outstanding members who carry on the contributions of these two leaders who founded the nurse practitioner role in 1965.

Henry K. Silver
Loretta C. Ford

Henry K. Silver Memorial Award Recipients

1979      Patricia McAtee

1981      Mary Kaye Willian

1983      Barbara H. Dunn

1985      Nancy Dickenson Hazard

1987      Marilyn Haugen

1989      Mary Murphy

1991      Donna Lee Wong

1993      Janet McCleery

1995      Ellen Rudy Clore

1997      Lynn Howe Gilbert

1999      Linda S. Gilman

2001      Catherine Burns

2004      Barbara Deloian

2005      Beth Richardson

2006      Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco

2009      Abbey Alkon

2011      Julie Novak

2013      Karin Reuter-Rice

2015      Michelle Beauchesne

2017      Mikki Meadows-Oliver

2019      Margaret A. Brady

2021     Beth N. Bolick

2023    Ben Danielson & Kristin Gigli

Loretta C. Ford Distinguished Fellow Award Recipients

1980      Katie Barton Frantz

1982      Cynthia Hobbie

1984      Linda Gilman

1986      Pamela Stewart

1988      Marion Baker

1990      Margaret Grey

1992      Pam Hellings

1994      Beverly Ann Shipe

1996      Pamela Western

1998      Susan Van Cleve

2000      Shirley Marx Saxton

2002      Brigitte Paine

2003      Tamra Tempfer

2004      Maureen Van Dinter

2005      Patricia Clinton

2006      Judith Neuderfer

2008      Bernadette Melnyk

2010      Sally Walsh

2012      Patricia Stinchfield

2014      Linda L. Lindeke

2016      Ann Coleman Stadtler

2018      Alison Moriarty Daley

2020      Mary Chesney

2022      Teri Woo

2023      Jessica L. Peck

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