Health and Safety Measures - NAPNAP

Health and Safety Measures

Vaccination Verification Requirement

Based on current evidence and recommended health and safety protocols, NAPNAP is requiring all registrants, exhibitors and staff at our 43rd National Conference on Pediatric Health Care event be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. NAPNAP continues to follow CDC guidance. CDC classifies people who have received both doses of the initial COVID-19 vaccine series (or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson) as “fully vaccinated”. CDC urges people to remain “up to date” by obtaining booster shots when eligible. While we want to be as inclusive as possible, we are trying to ensure the safety of all in attendance and appreciate your understanding and compliance.

To satisfy the COVID-19 vaccination requirement and gain access to the NAPNAP meeting space, each registrant, exhibitor and NAPNAP staff member must have their vaccination verified at the time of registration. Receipt of a NAPNAP registrant badge demonstrates that a registrant has satisfied the vaccine verification requirements.

Medical exemptions documented by your health care provider and religious exemptions will be considered. Please email with your documentation. For those with approved medical or religious exemptions, it will be required to show proof of testing (with a negative test result) 72 hours prior to attending the NAPNAP conference. 

If you are unable to comply with the NAPNAP vaccine verification requirement and are seeking pediatric continuing education, we invite you to register for our virtual National Conference on Pediatric Health Care taking place on April 26-29, 2022, with full access to all presentations until July 31, 2022.

NAPNAP will continue to assess evolving public health guidance regarding large gatherings and will provide updates and additional guidance if necessary. NAPNAP continues to encourage all registrants, exhibitors and staff to follow all applicable regulations and make informed choices about travel, onsite and external engagement.

Vaccine Verification Submission

Instructions for using CLEAR Health Pass Validation

  1. Download the CLEAR app, enroll and complete your Health Pass on your personal device from the comfort of your home.
  2. Click “Add my Vaccination” under the Digital vaccine card tile. Then, please select the option that works best for you – upload or digitally link.
    • Upload a photo of your CDC Vaccine Card to Health Pass
      • When prompted to add your vaccination, select ‘add your vaccination card’.
      • Take a photo of your vaccination card and confirm your vaccine information.
      • Please note, the photo of your CDC card is just used to generate a Vaccine Pass. You will not be able to access it again after it is taken.
    • Digitally link a vaccine health record to Health Pass
      • Select your vaccine provider in the menu or by searching ‘other providers’. Log-in to your patient portal and follow instructions to securely link your account with CLEAR. The CLEAR app is integrated with select health care providers and pharmacies.
      • If you are unable to find your provider in search, CLEAR may not be able to link with them at this time.
      • Check that your COVID-19 vaccine appears in your patient portal, if not we recommend you reach out to your provider directly. Your results will link automatically – do not try to resync your results. Note, sync time varies by provider and may take up to 30 minutes
      • Once synced, proceed to complete your Health Pass

After your Health Pass Digital Vaccine Card is complete, click the Share icon to email your Digital Vaccine Card to

Note: If your state uses an alternate vaccine verification app that allows you to share your digital vaccine card, you may email this information to


Masks should be worn properly and consistently, when not eating or drinking, while in the NAPNAP meeting space. Our event shares public corridors and spaces so masking is part of our layered prevention strategies.

Health Screening Questionnaire

Using NAPNAP’s event app, participants will complete a 10 question quiz assessing the presence of infection or risk of infection. The screening questionnaire must be completed each morning. Answers indicating no risk lead to a “Verified” screen, that must be shown to enter the event meeting space each day. “Verified” screens expire at midnight. Answers indicating risk factors lead to a “Not Cleared” screen. Participants with a “Not Cleared” screen will not be permitted to enter the NAPNAP meeting space, and will receive further instructions to ensure the safety of all in attendance.

Temperature Screening

Participants receiving a “Verified” screen from the app, will have their temperature read at the temperature scanner each morning before entering the event meeting space. Participants without an elevated temperature will be given a colored dot to place on their badge holder and will be permitted to enter the event meeting space. 

Socially Distanced Room Setups

Meeting rooms have been designed with socially distanced seating setups.

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