General Session Speakers

NAPNAP is honored to have prestigious speakers at our general sessions. Be sure to plan your conference itinerary to include these exciting and educational sessions.

Monday, March 19

Human Trafficking? Not In My Practice. Think Again: Empowering Pediatric Clinicians in Prevention, Identification and Intervention​ - #101 Opening General Session

Holly Austin Gibbs, Program Director and Author

Human Trafficking is a significant current issue in the media, but what is the real impact for pediatric advanced practice clinicians? With estimates of nearly 21 million people victimized each year by traffickers worldwide and the average age of entry being 12-14 years of age, pediatric care environments are increasingly likely to encounter potential victims. In fact, estimates show nearly 90 percent of trafficking victims will come in contact with health care professionals. APRNs are well positioned to identify possible risk factors for trafficking and initiate prompt intervention. Holly Austin Gibbs is the Director of the Human Trafficking Response Program at Dignity Health in California. As a survivor of sex trafficking, she’s become a powerful advocate who has testified before Congress and consulted for numerous government organizations. Her 2014 book Walking Prey: How America's Youth are Vulnerable to Sex Slavery, is a thoughtfully researched, compelling account of child exploitation and human trafficking in America. This session will empower you as a pediatric provider to effectively advocate for and implement measures of prevention and intervention.

Tuesday, March 20  

Immunizations 2018: What NPs Who Care for Children Need to Know - #203 General Session

Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco, DNP, PNP-BC, CPNP, FAANP

Mary Beth blends her vast knowledge of immunization efficacy and outreach with her witty storytelling in one of our most popular sessions. While sharing the latest CDC immunization information, Mary Beth will share real life experiences and case studies to engage and challenge you to advocate to vaccinate with your patient families.





Educating Youth on the Harmful Effects of Pornography  - #204 General Session

Clay Olsen, Chief Executive Officer (Co-Founder)
Fight the New Drug​

Pornography is linked to sex trafficking and affects our world as a whole. Clay will educate participants about the harmful effects of pornography and empower you with knowledge on how to protect your child and teen patients. Clay Olsen is a passionate filmmaker, marketer, and entrepreneur born and raised in Northern Utah. He has been a part of starting several successful companies over the years. He finds the most fulfillment in helping others which is why he left a growing company he started to co-found Fight the New Drug with a few like-minded friends. Since then they've been featured on ABC Nightline, ABC News, NPR, Al-Jazeera, CNN, The Dr. Drew Show, and many more. Clay has presented to over 400 schools and tens of thousands of teens all over the country. He passionately feels that education is the most powerful weapon to combat the influence of pornography in our society.

Wednesday, March 21

Vector-borne Infections in Children: A Moving "Target"- #313 General Session Luncheon

Karen Bloch, MD, MPH

Participants will learn clinical features of arthropod-borne diseases relevant to practitioners in the United States. Best practices for the diagnosis and treatment of tick and mosquito-borne diseases and recommended prevention practices to avoid infection domestically and among travelers will be discussed.





Thursday, March 22

How PNPs Can Lead, Inspire and Care for Children​- #401 Closing General Session

Patsy Stinchfield, MS, RN, CPNP, CIC

PNPs are effective communicators and can deliver strong, credible messages in a time of crisis. Through various interviews from NBC Nightly News, CBS Morning Show and others, participants will learn about leadership preparedness in a healthcare crisis, such as a measles outbreak, and what it means for a PNP to be a large health system's spokesperson on such events.