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Who Are Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Pediatric-focused APRNs?

Pediatric-focused advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), including pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs), family nurse practitioners (FNPs) and clinical nurse specialists (CNSs), are advanced practice healthcare providers dedicated to improving children’s health in primary care, as well as specialty and acute care settings. We have been providing quality health care to children and families for over 40 years in an extensive range of practice settings, such as pediatric offices, specialty clinics, school-based health care settings and hospitals, reaching millions of patients across the country each year. Pediatric-focused APRNs spend significant one-on-one time with patients and families to answer their questions and discuss any concerns they may have. ​

Infant Resources

(0-12 months)

School Age Resources

(5-10 years)

Early Childhood Resources

(1-4 years)

Adolescent/Young Adult Resources

(11-21 years)