Direct Access to Members

We help you build relationships with our members, either via traditional direct mail or
e-communications. Our policy allows us to help make these connections for purposes that help fulfill our mission, including:

  • Continuing education programs that do not conflict with NAPNAP continuing education programs
  • Noncompeting pediatric health care educational materials (textbooks, journal subscriptions, other related media)
  • Informational/educational child health literature
  • Recruitment (advanced education programs)
  • Advanced nursing-related travel/scholarship opportunities​
  • Request for member academic research participation
  • Other select programs and services related to child health care and advanced practice nursing

We collect a variety of member data that allows us to target recipients who best meet your objectives. Data categories include position, practice setting, patient population, education and specialty, as well as typical national, state or local geographic parameters.

Any information about our members is provided for the negotiated usage and cannot be copied or reused in any manner without our written permission.

How to Connect

Direct Mail

Organizations or individuals who are interested in direct mail data must provide the following information:

  • A copy of the document(s) that will be mailed to NAPNAP members. If the final version of the document(s) is not available at the time of the request, a sample or mock-up may be submitted.
  • A completed rental order form which includes the contact information of the person who requested the mailing list, the purpose for which the mailing list will be used and requested queries/population.

If the request to use the mailing list is approved, the requestor must execute a license agreement. Upon receipt of the signed license agreement and payment, we will send the data within 7 to 10 business days.


NAPNAP will manage the data query and email distribution for you. Simply complete the eblast request form and provide NAPNAP with the copy and graphics in HTML format. We will execute the blast email on your behalf. Contact marketing@napnap.org with any questions.

Market Research

Please contact marketing@napnap.org to inquire about focus group opportunities or expert/advisory recruiting.


Category Direct Mail per 1,000 Names Email per 1,000 Names
Continuing education – NAPNAP accredited, single use $120 $160
Continuing education - non-NAPNAP accredited, single use $140 $170
Advanced education recruitment, single use $120 $160
Product/service information, single use $150 $170
  • There is a $100 set-up fee. Express delivery is an additional $50.
  • Minimum order is for 1,000 names per mailing/e-blast. Request pricing is rounded up to the nearest thousand.
  • Requests to use the mailing list to send product samples or multiple piece mailings must be directed to marketing@napnap.org for consideration and cost estimate.

Corporate Circle Members and Conference Exhibitors

Corporate Circle members may use our member direct mail data for product information and advertisement based on their sponsorship level. See Corporate Circle membership information for details. Contact marketing@napnap.org, to take advantage of this key benefit. Corporate Circle members may request to send blast emails depending on membership level. NAPNAP must approve the email and will facilitate the distribution.

Exhibitors at NAPNAP’s national conference may purchase a single-use conference attendee mailing list or may choose to send a blast email to conference registrants by contacting Meeting Management Associates at exhibits@napnap.org or call 607-674-2666, ext. 206. The mailing must be conference related and the list must be used no later than six weeks after the close of the conference. All mailings must be approved by NAPNAP.

Requests to Access NAPNAP Members for Academic Research

We understand that our members and other healthcare providers rely on the expert opinions and experience of our members to improve research data collection. NAPNAP limits access to membership to research proposals designed by experienced investigators. For new investigators or student proposals, the inclusion of a faculty mentor or experienced researcher on the investigative team is required. Only well-designed (quality) research projects will be considered for distribution to the membership.

A completed Research Mailing List Request Form and application fee are required to begin the review and approval process. Learn more about the application requirements and the process to access our members via direct mail and e-communications for research purposes.

Prices and opportunities are subject to change at any time at NAPNAP’​s discretion.