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DEI Toolkit Demo Page

Introductory text to explain origin and purpose of the toolkit.

Estimated 100-175 words. Page under construction.

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We can include a recording from the committee to introduce the project.


  1. Accordion header text should relatively short.
  2. The first accordion bar will always appear “open” due to nature of the plug in module.
  3. Resources under each goal can be organized by priority/preference or source — see 1 and 3
  4. A goal could drive to a single page — see 2
  5. You can not insert images/media in the accordion content box

Tier A Resources

Tier B Resources

Resources developed and curated by NAPNAP, including podcasts and CE courses.

Resources from XYZ

Resources from ABC

Resources from LMN

The below tab module is great if you have short section headers. Under each you can have short paragraph text or bullets. You can not insert images/media.

We can add an image carousel like below.

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