Day Two Handouts

March 17

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Click the below links to download your session handouts. Your internet speed may affect file download time. Some presenters provide handouts closer to the start of the conference so you check back if you don't see your sessions' handout available below.

200 Diagnostic Dilemma: What Should I Do Next?
201 Sexually Transmitted Infections(STIs): Update on Screening, Testing and Treatment Guidelines
202 Mobile Technology for APRN Education
203 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2017-Updating the Evidence for PNPs and their Fellow Pediatric-focused APRNs 
204 Liability on the Increase for PNPs and their Fellow Pediatric-focused APRNs: How to Decrease Risk
205 Is This Cancer? When to Refer to a Pediatric Oncology Provider 
206 Sublingual Immunotherapy for Allergic Disease
207 Yes, You Can do Clinical Scholarship! 
208 Non-suicidal Self-injury
209 There's an App for That! The Technological Takeover of Health Care
210 Research Agenda Priority: Safety and Self-management of Acute and Chronic Conditions
211 Manage These Cases: Critical Care Multi-trauma 
212 Workshop on Advanced Practice Provider Complex Care Models and Roles
213 Infectious Complications in the Pediatric Oncology Patient
214 Facing Food Allergies 
215 Promoting Nursing Leadership for the Care of Children and Families
216 Post-exposure Management of Vaccine Preventable Diseases 
217 Evidence-based Screening, Assessment and Brief Intervention for Common Mental Health Disorders in Children and Adolescents 
218 Research Agenda Priority: Clinical Priorities of Mental Health and Obesity
219 Abusive Head Trauma - What Every Provider Must Know
220 Asthma Medications: Pills, Dry Powders, Metered Dose or Biologics? 
221 Serving Those Who Serve for Us: Caring for Military Children
222 Take a Shot: Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy 
223 ADHD and Comorbid Conditions: How to Identify, Diagnose and Treat
224 Writing Strong Research Abstracts and NAPNAP Foundation Grant Proposals: Tips for Success
225 United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF): An Overview of Child and Adolescent Recommendations and Task Force Resources for Primary Care
226 Legal Expert Witness Testimony for PNPs and their fellow Pediatric-focused APRNs