Day Two Handouts

March 20

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Click the below links to download your session handouts. Your internet speed may affect file download time. Some presenters provide handouts closer to the start of the conference so you check back if you don't see your sessions' handout available below.

201 Delivering Evidence Based Pediatric Pain Management 
202 Hot Topics in Pediatric Infectious Diseases 
203 Immunizations 2018
204 Educating Youth on the Harmful Effects of Pornography 
205 Anti-Epileptic Medications 
206 Research Agenda Priority: Clinical Priorities in Adolescents
207 ENT Clinical Roundup
208 Hematology and Oncology Clinical Roundup
209 Pediatric Unintentional Injuries 
210 Late Preterm Infants 

APRN Precepting: Providing the Tools for Successful Clinical Education Experiences
PNP Preceptor Toolkit

212 Manage These Cases: Complications of Infectious Diseases
213 Taking the “Itis” Out of Appendicitis 
214 Research Agenda Priority: Clinical Priorities in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
215 PANDAS (no handout)
216 Common Pediatric Sports and Overuse Injuries
217 Advocacy Clinical Roundup
219 Sedation and Delirium Management in the PICU 
220 Gastroenterology Clinical Roundup
221 Telehealth, Is That Even Legal? 
222 It Takes Two: Partnering with Parents to Reduce Adolescent Risk 
223 Is it Nothing or Is it Cancer? 
224 The Journey of Cystic Fibrosis 
225 Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis 
226 New Approaches to the Use of Antibiotics in the 21st Century