Day Three Handouts

March 27

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Click the below links to download your session handouts. Your internet speed may affect file download time. Some presenters provide handouts closer to the start of the conference so you check back if you don't see your sessions' handout available below.

300 Managing Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Increased Intracranial Pressure Through the Use of Basic Pathways
301 What Pediatric NPs Should Know about Vector Borne Diseases 
302 Keeping Up With the Kid-RASH-ians
303 Dazed and Confused: The Effects of Cannabis on the Adolescent (coming soon)
304 Everyone Has a First Time:  Preparing an Abstract for a Conference Presentation
305 When It Is Not Just a Headache:  Diagnosis and Management of Chiari Malformation 
306 Procalcitonin Levels: Are Lumbar Punctures a Thing of the Past? 
307 Yes, You CAN Prescribe Accutane!  Value-Added Acne Management for the NP 
308 Mother and Infant - Breaking the Habit Together 
309 Navigating the MABs in Pediatrics: A Special Class of Drugs
310 Worrying, Fear and Angst: How to Identify and Treat Anxiety in Children and Teens (coming soon)
311 Transitioning from the Clinic to the Classroom: An Academic Survival Guide
314 Evidence-based Case Studies of Acute Flaccid Paralysis: Differential Diagnosis and Management 
315 Pediatric Travelers: What is Needed for our Traveler and How Do We Manage Fever in a Returning Traveler? 
316 Birthmarks – Concerning or Not Concerning? 
317 E-Cigarettes Allure: Perspective of Mom’s and Teen Son’s Journey Back to Health 
318 Lions, Tigers and Bears:  The Legal Issues and Barriers that PNPs Face Today
319 Sleep, ‘The Golden Chain’: Assessment and Behavioral or Pharmacologic Treatment of Sleep Problems
320 Lower Extremity Deformities in the Developing Child: Physiologic or Pathologic?
321 Simulation Bootcamp for NPs in Critical Care (coming soon)
322 Pediatric Case Studies Distinguishing Encephalopathy, Encephalitis, and Delirium 
323 Non-invasive Ventilation (NIV): What's Old is New Again 
324 Unraveling the Mysteries and Inconsistencies of Fever Management of Infants Less than 90 days 
325 Atopic Dermatitis Treatment: The Old, The New and The Trending 
326 Medication-based Treatment: A Guide to Managing Opioid Use Disorder for the Pediatric-Focused APRN 
327 A New Reimbursement Model: Pediatric Quality Metrics and Value-Based Care
328 Pediatric Wound and Burn Care Management 
329 Say Cheese: Newborn Imaging