Day Three Handouts

March 18

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Click the below links to download your session handouts. Your internet speed may affect file download time. Some presenters provide handouts closer to the start of the conference so you check back if you don't see your sessions' handout available below.

300 Abdominal Pain in the Adolescent Female - Gynecologic Concerns
301 Murmurs and Heart Sounds: Practical Skills for the Primary & Acute Care PNPs and their Fellow Pediatric-focused APRNs
302 Preventing Overweight and Obesity in the First 1000 Days of Life 
303 Stop and Go: Titration of IV Drip Medication  
304 The Growth of Children and the Epigenetic Marks Associated with a Longer Duration of Breastfeeding 
305  The Impact of Prenatal Opioid Exposure on the Fetus, Infant and Child
306 Cost-effective Acne Management  
307 Interprofessional Precepting - Five Steps to Success
308 The Future is Now:  Enhancing Pediatric Health Care Through Telehealth 
309 Mitigating the Impact of Mosquito-borne Diseases on Children and Their Families Who Live In the United States and Its Territories
313 General Session Lunch: Fostering Resilience in Children and Teens
314 Diets Don’t Work: Managing Childhood Obesity as a Chronic Condition
315 Don't Forget the Salt: Emerging Ideas in Pediatric IV Fluid Management 
316 Fostering Bridges of Care for the Opioid Recovering Breastfeeding Dyad 
317 Newborn Metabolic Screening: Not Your Grandmother's "PKU Test" 
318 MythBusters: Dermatology Style  
319 The Interprofessional Education (IPE) Quagmire: Pragmatic Approaches for Success
320 “Minding the Gap” – Addressing Health Disparities for Foster Youth through Effective Primary Care
321 Pulmonary Clinical Roundup
322 Motivational Interviewing for Childhood Obesity Treatment
323 Pharmacologic Approach to Cases in Acute Care 
324 Tipping the Scale:  Evaluating and Treating Insufficient Weight Gain in Breastfed Infants 
325 Don’t Be Mellow When an Infant is Yellow: Deciphering Cholestasis 
326 Eczema Management - Tips & Tricks  
327 Faculty Clinical Roundup
328 Without Policy APRNs May Not Have a Practice 
329 Healthy Connections for Students: Log on to Explore School-based Telehealth
330 Application of Obesity Pathophysiology in the Care of Children in an AAP Stage 3 Multidisciplinary Weight Management Clinic 
331 Breastfeeding Clinical Roundup 
332 Congenital, Antenatal and Neonatal Infections 
333 Dermatology Clinical Roundup 
334 Bright Futures Ahead:  Preventive Care Guidelines Update and Strategies for Implementation 
335 Improving Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Care
336 Neurology Clinical Roundup