Day Three Handouts

March 21

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Click the below links to download your session handouts. Your internet speed may affect file download time. Some presenters provide handouts closer to the start of the conference so you check back if you don't see your sessions' handout available below.

300 Developmental Delays and Behavioral Conditions in Young Children 
301 Strategies to Eliminate Use of Corporal Punishment and Encourage Positive Parenting 
302 Critical Illness-Related Corticosteroid Insufficiency: Cases to Ponder 
303  Medications and Breastfeeding 
304 Fracture vs Break: Is There a Difference? 
305 Reframing the Dialogue for Pediatric Health Policy ( handout will not be available)
306 Anxiety and Depression after Concussion 
307 Big Data in Behavioral Health 
308 Genetic Causes of Autism 
309 Child Maltreatment Screening and Anticipatory Guidance 
313 General Session Lunch: Vector-Borne Infections in Children
314 Common Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies 
315 Breastfeeding to Buffer Early Life Exposures to Toxic Stress
316 Pediatric Dyslipidemia 
317 Scope, Role, Are you Underutilized? How to Evaluate NP Role vs. Scope of Practice 
318 Suicide Prevention 
319 Prematurity: Not Just for Infants Anymore 
320 Integrating Genetics and Genomics into Practice
321 The Assessment of Child Maltreatment 
322 Manage These Cardiac Dsyrhythmias  Handout2
323 Lactation Support in a Pediatric Primary Care Office 
324 Asthma Essentials 
325 Cultivating Effective Pediatric Academic-Practice Partnerships 
326 Prevention of Substance Misuse and Addictive Disease 
327 Assessment and Treatment of Infant Behavioral Health Problems 
328 Congenital Disorders of the Newborn 
329 Toxic Stress and the Developing Brain 
330 Case Studies in Acute Care Acid-base and Fluid Derangements 
331 The 10th Month of Pregnancy: Supporting Breastfeeding in the Early Days  
332 Periodic Fevers in Children 
333 The Impact of Childhood Poverty: Screening and Advocacy for the NP 
334 Carving Through the Issues of Self-harm
335 Understanding and Advocating for Children with Learning Disorders 
336 Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS): Keys to Early Recognition and Intervention 
337 Trauma Informed Care