Daniel Crawford, DNP, RN, CPNP

Member Since: 

I first became interested in NAPNAP when I was a pediatric nurse practitioner student at the University of Iowa. NAPNAP was an organization that several of my mentors were active in and encouraged my involvement. I was initially drawn to the resources and networking opportunities that were available.

During my time as a NAPNAP member, I have remained active in my local chapter. This has allowed for many opportunities to be active within the organization. Currently, I serve as the legislative chair of the Arizona Chapter. Volunteering is a very important part of professional organization involvement. By volunteering, I’m able to contribute to the direction, strength and success of the organization and make connections with other members. These connections may be personal in the form of new friendships or professional in the form of networking or collaboration opportunities.

Clinically, I have spent my entire career as a pediatric nurse practitioner working in child neurology at Banner Children's Specialists in Mesa, Ariz. Last year, I transitioned to a full-time pediatric nurse practitioner faculty position at Arizona State University, but continue to practice in child neurology on a part-time basis. My current faculty role has been an incredible opportunity that has allowed me to pursue both my passion for teaching and for children's health.

As far as NAPNAP’s Connect & Recruit: Member-Get-A-Member Campaign, I did not have any specific strategy for recruiting new members. I find that, when I am passionate about something, I talk about it often to those around me. In my career I have the opportunity to talk to many pediatric nurse practitioners. In doing so, I inevitably talk about NAPNAP and why it is important to me, which may inspire others to consider membership.

NAPNAP has helped me to develop new personal and professional relationships with colleagues in my state and around the country. These relationships have played an important role in how my career has developed and have created opportunities for collaboration on various topics. In addition to the relational benefits of NAPNAP membership, I have also found the practice-related education, information and resources to be quite helpful in shaping my practice and also with helping to keep myself up-to-date on the current literature.