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President Tresa Zielinski, DNP, RN, APN-NP, CPNP-PC

Dear NAPNAP Members,

I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying some time with families and friends. I am excited to be typing my first presidential address from my happy place at the Jersey Shore as I look and wait for my dolphins to swim by. My summer reading is Attitude: Developing a Winning Mindset on and off the Court by Jay Wright, head coach for the Villanova basketball team. The similarities between his advice and the advice Loretta Ford has given nurse practitioners is very similar.  Loretta told us, “Out of chaos comes opportunity.” Jay wrote of one of Father Rob’s pep talks, “the word ‘crisis’ in Greek means ‘opportunity’.”  Right now, one may think our nation’s health care is in a state of crisis or chaos, but we, as NAPNAP members, can use this as our opportunity. If we all respond to calls for action to help guide our leaders in what is best for the children, our voice will be heard. The more of us in the collective ‘we’ who speak out, the louder the voice. 

I am hoping you will join me in Washington DC on November 5th and 6th for NAPNAP’s Capitol Hill Day, when we have an opportunity to sit with our lawmakers to tell our stories of the children for whom we advocate. If we can make what we do more personal for our elected officials, it is harder for them to not do the right thing. Being face to face makes this personal. If you cannot join me in DC, I encourage you to meet with your local, state and national leaders face to face to make the fight for children’s health more personal for them. And if you cannot do a face to face, then make a call, write a letter, or send an email. 

As you remember when I shared with you what I wanted to work on in my presidential year, I am very passionate about using social media. I am sure this conjures up some negative feelings about online political debates, but rest assured we can use social media for good as well. NAPNAP posts on social media to promote the organization and share the latest healthcare industry news, whether it be a new study, potential legislation or other hot topics. I ask you to actively share NAPNAP’s social media content with your networks. In this way, we can use our membership numbers to promote positive, factual messages. I hope all of you will join me and like NAPNAP on Facebook, join us for professional dialog on LinkedIn, tweet and retweet with @NAPNAP on Twitter and have fun with us on NAPNAP’s Instagram.

Part of the importance of being involved in social media is having an electronic footprint. The electronic footprint makes NAPNAP discoverable online. The more activity on or linking to, the higher we appear on search engines. This also helps us highlight our members' accomplishments.  #PNP does not come up often, but it should be a hashtag we use along with #NAPNAP to promote our profession on Twitter. 

I look forward to serving as your president in 2017-2018. If you have a question or want to connect, you can always email me at

Humble and Hungry, 

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