Connect & Recruit

Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

As a current member, you know that NAPNAP is the home to pediatric nurse practitioners, family nurse practitioners and their fellow pediatric-focused advanced practice registered nurses and students who treat children, adolescents and teens. We are the go-to source for quality online and in-person pediatric education, peer-to-peer networking, evidence-based practice resources, career tools and high caliber pediatric and advanced practice nursing research and news. Don’t keep it a secret! Invite your pediatric-focused APRN colleagues and students to become a part of the NAPNAP community today. We will reward you for the new members you recruit!  


Participation in the NAPNAP Connect & Recruit Campaign benefits everyone. 

  • Members — Recruiting members will receive a discount ($40 for 1-5 new preferred or student members and $80 for 6-10 new preferred or student members) on his or her next membership renewal. The member who recruits the most new members will receive a complimentary renewal.
  • New Recruits — When new members join NAPNAP, they will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of membership including professional development, educational resources and networking opportunities, including discounts on our highly rated continuing education opportunities.
  • NAPNAP — With each new member, our association gains another voice to advocate for child health and advanced practice nursing. In addition, new members' clinical expertise enhances our publications, special interest groups and conference presentations and grow our community of pediatric health leaders.

How to Participate

  1. Refer a prospective member online ( and make sure they enter your name in the referral field at the time of joining online!
  2. Print copies of the NAPNAP membership application to hand out personally to colleagues. List your name and member number in the “Member Referral” section.
  3. Be sure to follow the recruitment tips below when discussing NAPNAP membership.
  4. Email your colleagues’ names and contact information to, and we will send them more information about membership.

This program provides an incentive for recruiting new members in our Preferred and Student categories only. Sorry, new Essential category members and renewals of current members do not count.

Recruitment Tips

Follow the tips below to maximize the likelihood that the individuals that you speak to will join:

  1. Identify the best prospects - Review your network of professional colleagues and identify those who could benefit most from NAPNAP membership. Remember, NAPNAP is the home to all PNPs and FNPs who see children. When meeting new individuals, consider asking whether or not they are a member of NAPNAP. If not, utilize the tools below to tell them about the organization.
  2. Know the benefits of membership - NAPNAP provides an array of valuable resources to members. The more familiar you are with the benefits, the better equipped you will be to discuss them with your colleagues. Try to remember why you first joined and how you have come to value new benefits as your career has progressed.
  3. Have membership info available* to share - You can download the following materials to print and distribute or email to your recruits.
    1. Membership application
    2. One-page promotional suggestions to help you recruit colleagues and students
    3. PedsCESM flyer
    4. Career Connection flyer
  4. Give examples - Provide your colleagues with examples of how your NAPNAP membership has benefited you in your career. A positive testimonial can be one of the strongest tools when recruiting new members.
  5. Focus on their needs - Each individual has different needs regarding their professional development. Ask questions about their professional goals and what information they are looking for. Based on their answers, identify and highlight the benefits that will be of greatest value to them.
  6. Close with a plan of action - After discussing the value of membership and your experiences with NAPNAP, walk them through the process of applying for membership. Provide them with information on how to join online or give them a hardcopy of the NAPNAP membership application. Always refer them to the NAPNAP website, where they can browse the site and get more information following your conversation.
  7. Follow up - Check back in a few weeks to inquire about whether or not they’ve joined and ask if they have any additional questions. If they haven’t already joined, this follow-up can serve as a reminder for them to do so.
  8. Thank them - Place a phone call or send an email thanking them for considering NAPNAP membership and supporting the pediatric nurse practitioner profession.

*Contact if you need printed copies.

Program Rules

  1. All members in good standing are eligible to participate in the Connect & Recruit program.
  2. To receive credit for a referral, the new member must include the referring member’s name and member ID number (if known). If NAPNAP cannot verify the identity of the referring member’s name, no credit will be received for that application.
  3. Program valid for memberships received or postmarked with payment between Sept. 5 and Oct. 18, 2019.
  4. NAPNAP will communicate directly with members participating in the Connect & Recruit program regarding how they can claim their renewal discount.
  5. Only new Preferred and Student memberships qualify for the discount.
  6. Program rules and incentives are subject to change by NAPNAP.

Recognition of Participants

We value your efforts and you'll be recognized for your participation in Connect & Recruit. Top recruiters will be announced in Newsflash and on our website.