Children in Disasters


The Children in Disaster SIG was developed in 2011. The purpose of the CID SIG is to raise awareness of the special needs of children in and following a disaster. PNPs can utilize this information and resources to better prepare their client families as well as themselves and their families. PNPs can also advocate for children in disasters by working with disaster planners, working during disasters, and helping to evaluate the efficacy of disaster plan execution and results of disaster recovery.

Natural and man-made disasters can strike at any time; some natural disasters afford preparation time (i.e., hurricane) while others just happen. Many citizens in the US remain unprepared despite public service announcements. Children are a vulnerable population, and families may need guidance in how to develop disaster plans and purchase or create disaster kits. PNPs are in an ideal position to educate and aid families in disaster planning and preparation.


External Resources 

  • American Academy of Pediatrics - EIF            

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency –


SIG Officers: 

Chair: Catherine Joy Goodhue, MN, RN, CPNP