Chapter and Special Interest Group (SIG) Accredited Providers

Chapter/SIGs Three Year Accreditation

Chapters and Special Interest Goups (SIGs) that offer continuing education contact hours are eligible to apply for accreditation to offer NAPNAP CE contact hours for a 3-year term. Use our online system to apply for Chapter or SIG Provider accreditation. Renewing chapters should use this link, too. All Chapter/SIGs applicants are also required to submit three sample programs with their application and can use the following links to upload the samples.

Chapter/SIGs Individual Program Accreditation

Chapters/SIGs that offer continuing education contact hours are eligible to apply for individual program accreditation to offer NAPNAP CE contact hours at a single event. Use our online system to apply for individual program accreditation.

Quick Downloads for Chapter/SIG Providers

Current Chapter Accredited Providers


Chapter Provider Chapter Provider Number Expiration Date
Alabama C39 12/31/2023
Arizona C40 7/31/2022
Arkansas C02 6/30/2021
CA: Orange County C32 10/01/2020
CA: San Francisco Bay Area C52 2/1/2020
Colorado C25 9/01/2021
Connecticut C07 11/01/2021
e-Chapter C55 4/10/2022
FL: Gulf Coast C53 12/31/2020
Florida C29 8/01/2018
Georgia C35 11/01/2020
Hawaii C42 12/31/2020
Illinois C31 1/23/2023
Indiana C23 8/31/2021
Kentucky C58 6/30/2020
Massachusetts C15 2/01/2021
MD: Chesapeake C19 9/01/2021
Michigan C08 5/01/2021
Minnesota C27 9/30/2022
MO: St. Louis C04 8/01/2020
New Jersey C46 10/12/2020
NY: Long Island C38 8/31/2022
NY: Greater C12 9/01/2019
NY: Upstate C47 6/30/2020
NY: Western C33 12/31/2023
North Carolina C11 10/01/2021
NC: Charlotte C51 9/01/2021
Ohio C03 3/01/2022
Oklahoma C26 3/01/2021
Oregon C18 3/31/2019
PA: Delaware Valley C14 5/09/2020
PA: Three Rivers C43 10/01/2021
South Carolina C06 9/01/2021
Tennessee Blues City C61 7/09/2021
Tennessee Music City C59 5/01/2020
Texas: Houston C28 4/01/2020
Texas: South Alamo C49 2/29/2021
Utah C22 8/01/2019
Virginia  C37 7/31/2022
Virginia Hampton Roads C45 4/30/2022
Washington State C13 3/8/2023