Chapter Accredited Providers

Chapter Three Year Accreditation

Chapters that offer continuing education contact hours are eligible to apply for accreditation to offer NAPNAP CE contact hours for a 3-year term. Use our online system to apply for Chapter Provider accreditation. Renewing chapters should use this link, too. All Chapter applicants are also required to submit three sample programs with their application and can use the following links to upload the samples.

Chapter Individual Program Accreditation

Chapters that offer continuing education contact hours are eligible to apply for individual program accreditation to offer NAPNAP CE contact hours at a single event. Use our online system to apply for individual program accreditation.

Quick Downloads for Chapter Providers

Current Chapter Accredited Providers


Chapter Provider Chapter Provider Number Expiration Date
Arkansas C02 6/30/2021
CA: Orange County C32 10/01/2020
CA: San Francisco Bay Area C52 2/1/2020
Colorado C25 9/01/2018
Connecticut C07 10/01/2018
FL: Gulf Coast C53 12/31/2020
Florida C29 8/01/2018
Georgia C35 11/01/2020
Hawaii C42 12/31/2020
Illinois C31 1/23/2020
Indiana C23 8/31/2018
Kentucky C58 6/30/2020
Massachusetts C15 12/01/2018
MD: Chesapeake C19 9/01/2018
Michigan C08 4/30/2018
Minnesota C27 10/01/2019
MO: St. Louis C04 8/01/2020
New Jersey C46 10/12/2020
NY: Long Island C38 8/31/2019
NY: Greater C12 9/01/2019
NY: Upstate C47 6/30/2020
NY: Western C33 1/01/2020
North Carolina C11 9/30/2018
NC: Charlotte C51 9/01/2018
Ohio C03 5/01/2019
Oklahoma C26 3/01/2021
Oregon C18 3/31/2019
PA: Delaware Valley C14 5/09/2020
PA: Three Rivers C43 10/01/2018
South Carolina C06 9/01/2018
Tennessee Music City C59 5/01/2020
Texas: Houston C28 4/01/2020
Utah C22 8/01/2019
Virginia  C37 8/01/2019
Virginia Hampton Roads C45 4/29/2019
Washington State C13 3/8/2020
South Alamo Texas C49 9/30/2018
Arizona Chapter C40 7/31/2019