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NAPNAP Elections: Why Your Vote Matters


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NAPNAP Elections: Why Your Vote Matters

NAPNAP's election will take place from March 1-29. Learn more about the candidates and how they will shape out future before you cast your vote.

Improving HPV Vaccination Rates

Despite the availability of a vaccination that can prevent many HPV-related cancers, some parents hesitate or choose not to allow their child to receive the HPV vaccine. As healthcare leaders, it is our responsibility to address the questions and concerns parents have and offer education about the benefits of the HPV vaccine to increase vaccination rates.

Human Trafficking: What Can You Do to Help?

Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry in which nearly a quarter of victims are children and occurs in all 50  states and all communities. Are you able to identify a trafficking victim? Learn more about ways to identify a potential victim with tips from NAPNAP Partners for Vulnerable Youth Director Jessica Peck. (Published Jan. 14, 2019)