Call for Abstracts

As The Leader in Pediatric Education for Nurse Practitioners®, we pride ourselves on providing our conference participants with innovative, advanced education on child health, practice and advocacy issues relevant to pediatric-focused APRNs and their healthcare partners.

Concurrent Presentations (Including Speed Sessions and Expert Presentations) 

  • Concurrent Expert presentations are 60-90 minutes in length, and cover clinical, professional or general pediatric healthcare issues. (The deadline had passed). 
  • Speed Sessions are an opportunity to convey a big idea in a small amount of time. Presenters share exciting concepts, tools and success stories—in just five minutes! Each Speed Session is scheduled to allow 5-minute individual presentations with the use of visual media and a maximum of five PowerPoint slides. This format is expected to offer speaking experience to novice presenters, but presenters of all experience levels may apply. Start your proposal now
    (Due Date: July 31, 2018).
    The following four topical areas have been identified as Speed Sessions at the 2019 conference: Critical Care, Specialty Care, Primary Care and Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics. Consider these guidelines as you prepare to submit a proposal for a Speed Session: 
    • Your presentation should provide a succinct overview of concepts, tools and success stories.
    • Be mindful of the 5-minute limit when deciding what and how much to include. The intention of a Speed Session is to provide an overview of a very specific topic area. The intention is not to speak rapidly, but to speak succinctly.
    • Consider topics that will rely less on words and more on images, graphics, video and other forms of media to demonstrate and explain important concepts.
    • Be prepared to leave the audience with a key takeaway. 

Intensive Workshops ("hands-on" or interactive audience)

  • We are looking for creative and innovative 2+ hour sessions that will provide skills training or may offer an in-depth review on a condition or topic. IWS sessions may require special arrangements to allow for extensive interaction between the audience and the presenter, increased time for the session, special equipment requirements or hands-on opportunities for the participant. To submit your proposal, start your application today.  The deadline is July 31, 2018.

Posters (Research, Practice Innovation and Industry-Sponsored)

  • NAPNAP’s Conference Planning Committee and Research Committee are excited to provide a forum for presenters to showcase your initiated or completed pediatric health care-related nursing research or provide innovative practice models and topics with a future-oriented perspective. Visit the Posters on the Move webpage today for guidelines and begin drafting your proposals. The deadline for clinical research and research protocol/methodology poster abstracts is September 15. The deadline for practice innovation poster abstracts is October 1.
  • For Industry-Sponsored poster inquiries, please contact Simone Daley at

Keynote/General Sessions

  • Keynote and general sessions are meant for the entire conference audience, usually focused on a current hot topic in child health or advanced practice nursing or have a inspirational, humorous or futuristic theme. NAPNAP only accepts submissions via an online application query process. Unfortunately, queries that come through e-mail or promotional mailings cannot be reviewed. Generic “canned” topics that do not address the NAPNAP membership specifically are not considered. Learn more about NAPNAP guidelines. All applications received are reviewed and remain on file for three years. Please do not submit clinical topics through the keynote application process. Decisions made annually by August 1.