Beth Richardson, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAANP

Member Since: 

Member: Global Health Care SIG

For the past six years Beth Richardson has served as Chair of the Global Health Care SIG, acting as a key contact and mentor for members, and guiding the group through numerous goals and achievements.

In addition to my time as Chair, I’ve been a member of the Global Health Care SIG for over a decade. My interest in global health issues goes back long before then. I’m fascinated with different cultures…from Western medicine to alternative medicine. I believe and feel strongly that more can be done for children outside of the US, so that they can enjoy healthier lives and a longer lifespan. Since the SIG started, we’ve shared work and travel experiences that have spanned the globe and presented slides at the Conference on our various mission trips. We’ve also conducted member surveys, published quarterly newsletters and stay up-to-date with mission opportunities and shared them with the membership.

Throughout my career, I’m fortunate to have seen so much evolve. Before I retired I wore two hats. The first was the director of the PNP Program at Indiana University, where I was also the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for the School of Nursing. Now, I focus on being a primary care PNP, working part time 24 hours a week at two clinics. The first clinic has a large staff of pediatric residents, and the entire patient population is children. Conversely, the second clinic sees children and adults and is a federally-qualified health center under the Health Net system. There, I specialize on seeing children for both sick and well visits, as well as chronic illness. We have a team of 5 NPs and FNPs. Some of my time is spent working as a preceptor, and I’m proud of having worked with so many PNP students and inspired them to do better.

The children who are my patients, of course, are the most important part. I’m thrilled to see them grow up, after caring for them for so many years. I do what I can to help communities and schools gain access to care. At home and abroad, more families should have access to the quality health care they deserve.


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