Andra L. Fjone, DrPH, APRN, CNP

Member Since: 

I hadn’t really explored all of the SIGs and found myself both surprised and delighted when I found the Childhood Literacy (CHL) SIG. I have loved to read since I was a very young child. Picture books took me to places I could never have imagined.  Because books have meant so much to me, I want all children to have the amazing experience of being taken to new places by just opening a book. The CHL SIG provides a way for all of us to contribute to childhood literacy. For so many important reasons, all children ought to have access to books.

The CHL SIG objectives speak to childhood literacy challenges. We want to be alert to new research and best practices so that we can disseminate child health literacy data to our membership. We would like to find ways to support literacy efforts such as working with Reach Out and Read or programs unique to wherever our membership live and work. PNPs need accurate and effective strategies for encouraging, teaching and modeling parent and child early literacy development. I think health care providers, speech and language specialists, reading and writing specialists, and child development specialists would benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to care for children at risk or with special needs. We also need literacy screening tools that are useful in a clinic environment. Finally, every community needs to have programs that support child literacy and that requires support at community, state and national levels.

My PNP career includes a wide range of experiences. I’ve practiced in primary care, urgent care and pediatric endocrinology.  I’ve taught nursing in three schools, including the University of Minnesota where I currently teach. I am fortunate that in the primary care community in which I practice, Reach Out and Read is a staple for us.

My membership in NAPNAP has been educational and meaningful. I have especially appreciated the comradery built with other PNPs and opportunities to engage in groups like the CHL SIG!

When I’m not working, I’m reading, of course! Right now I’m reading Orphan Trail.  I love to knit so I try to spend a little time every day knitting.   And every February I start itching to get on the golf course!


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