Affiliations and Volunteer Representatives

NAPNAP is pleased that over 40 members represent the association and its members at key tables across the country.

A strategic goal of NAPNAP is to create and/or enhance effective collaborative relationships with a variety of organizations, national efforts, and coalitions thereby raising awareness of the role of the pediatric nurse practitioner in the health care delivery system. Our involvement varies with each organization from a formal relationship with appointed representatives and financial support to a more informal association where parties share information and resources. The duration of the relationship is dependent on the goals of specific project or collaboration and may be short term for just one or two meetings or may include a multi-year relationship.

Learn how our volunteer members are representing our association and building recognition of our profession. Click on the volunteer activity summaries below to see who is representing us and where we are being represented.

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Promoting Child Health

NAPNAP is also involved in a variety of strategic efforts related to child health. To learn more about our collaborations, click here.