NAPNAP Members Share Their Advocacy Stories

We advocate everyday
Submitted by: Kristin H. • From: Texas

You move from policy novice to advanced beginner the day your heart stops beating out of your chest when you are the one who has to talk in a legislator's office.  You are competent when others begin to ask you questions about policy and you actually know the answer.  The day you drive a conversation in a legislator's office and communicate your compelling story is when you become theexpert.  It is about delivering a message that is clear and understandable.  We can do this with our patient teaching.  Legislator teaching is just another skill; we possess it - we just have to practice! 
As PNPs, we  advocate for our patients everyday.  Health policy advocacy is a natural extension.  Legislators want to do the right thing for their constituents.  There are too many issues to be expert on them all, and they need help to know what to do (how to vote).  Help those elected to represent us understand how they can do the greatest good for their constituents’ health care.