NAPNAP Members Share Their Advocacy Stories

Tricks for balancing policy activity with daily life
Submitted by: Michelle W. • From: Ohio

Many people ask me how I keep up with policy changes for APRN’s with a full time job, family and school.  Here are my tricks to managing policy activity along with my daily professional and personal life: 

  1. Email subscriptions:  I read the NAPNAP PNP Daily News, AANP smart brief, RWJF News Digest, CMS.  Find what works for you and your interests.
  2. Subscribe to your local board of nursing email updates or Twitter/Facebook.  You’d be amazed at what the Boards of Nursing send out.  It isn’t just disciplinary action notices but things like pertinent clinical and law updates and even postings for Board positions.  Sometimes they are looking for an APRN to sit on an important committee, etc.  Good way to find out first!
  3. Become a member of professional local, state and national APRN organizations.  Most of these organizations have lobbyists and will send out periodic updates especially when they update their website or need support with an issue.
  4. Take an active role in seeking policy knowledge and make it a priority.  Information only comes to those who truly are interested and seek it out.
  5. Attend your state APRN conferences and local meetings.  
  6. Start an advocacy committee at your Advanced Practice Council.  We have a multi-disciplinary advanced practice committee that meets regularly to share information about policy and legislation and we make recommendations to our larger Council about the potential impact of it.
  7. Read your local newspaper.  There are great summaries of local politics and law in them